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Calima Shatiday

Calima Shatiday composes and plays a variety of musical styles. His main focus since early 2000 is the electronic downtempo genre, but clearly evident in his music is an influence of fusion, jazz, ambient, r&b and lounge. Originally a jazz musician, Calima became inspired to produce more mellow music in the early 2000's listening to SOMA-FM's GrooveSalad. He was smitten by the sounds of The Cinematic Orchestra, Milosh, Trentemøller, Afterlife and DZihan & Kamien. Since 2006, Calima has produced 9 albums. He is constantly composing and refining old and new songs. He strongly believes in giving people an enjoyable listening experience, and carefully crafts each song, refining and re-refining. Calima is currently finishing up his ninth release Conversations, and working on his 10th, which will be released sometime in the spring of 2013.