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Calista Carradine

Calista pronounced cah-lees-tah cuh-lee-stuh like Barista and astalavista:
Carradine is Gaelic for little friend
Calista Carradine Actress Singer Songwriter
Born on an army base to David Carradine and his childhood sweetheart
and first wife Donna
. Calista was raised back east spending her free
time in the dance studio at a fine arts college where her mother was
head of the dance department until they moved to California where her
mother choreographed musicals while her father recorded original music
on acoustic guitar and piano while working on his television show
Kung Fu and directing his own films
. Calista learned to play the
guitar while working on Hal Ashbys' Bound For Glory
She starred in her first musical at
16 in New York and started singing in bands at 18 and has never
Calista moved away from Hollywood and raised her children in the
woods in the Pacific North West Calista is now back in the game
Has films television musicals and theater under her belt as well as
songs in eight films with three starring roles in post production in
2012 and her original song Lost Art in a new award winning film
Trained as an actress by Stella Adler and John Barrymore among others
and as a singer by Seth Riggs and Dennis Parnelle
A former Golden Globe Girl
Raised by her mother choreographer Donna Carradine and her father
actor, director, producer, singer, songwriter, musician, dancer,
artist, editor, equestrian David Carradine

According to Mom and Dad
Calista is a name modified from ancient Greek mythology
there was no letter c in Greek Originally it was spelled with a K
The name has done some morphing and in this case it is pronounced