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Cameron Sutphin

Cameron Sutphin released his debut album, My Guitar And Me on Aug. 29, 2011. "All of the songs on this album were recorded the way they were meant to be. No band, no producers, just me and a guitar, with a few harmonicas. These songs are a window into my life as I perceived it for about 4 years." The 20 tracks are studio quality and are available on C.D., for download, and at four independent music stores. Cameron is currently in the middle of the TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE/CAMERON SUTPHIN'S ROCKIN' CHRISTMAS TOUR that began in Sept. and will run through Jan. and will begin a short run of shows with Kathleen Kennedy in Jan.

In 2009 Cameron made a bootleg album called The Life And Times Of Cameron Sutphin, and then made another bootleg album the summer of 2010 called Temptation, Redemption. Unfortunately The Life And Times Of Cameron Sutphin was banned by his high school. "They claimed it was not appropriate for school, of course that means anything that isn't about behaving and following rules. Now that I have graduated I can finally have all of the creative control I want and make music my way with no one to answer to. I am also free to speak out against the school and its poor choice to ban my album." Cameron will soon start an online petition to get his album un-banned from the school. "I know a lot of people tell me to get over it but it ain't that easy, how would you like it if you put your heart and soul into something and were told you could not promote it?"

Since releasing My Guitar And Me, some of the tracks have found their way onto video shorts by Erik Pilmanis. Along with some classic country music covers that Cameron recorded, tracks from My Guitar And Me Will be part of the sound track to these shorts, the videos will be featured at the 2013 Amherst Model Railway Society Annual Convention. Besides this Cameron has also had the privilege of playing at Pastori's, a now successful restaurant featured on the T.V. show Restaurant Impossible, performing for Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy, and selling out the Palmer Massachusetts Senior Center Oct. fundraiser for two years in a row, playing to 100+.

Cameron has also had the privileged to share the stage with many performing artists. He has opened for national touring artist Drew Kelly, the acoustic duo R.U.L.E., and the 8 Mile River Band. Cameron has also opened for New Earth, Uncle Jake's Seeger Box Band, and Eva Cappelli and the Watershops Band as part of the country music group Wing And A Prayer.

For right now Cameron is own the road performing many shows, making music and promoting My Guitar And Me. He'll be coming to a town near you soon!