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The Can-Do-Kids

The Amazing Story of The Can-Do-Kids as initially developed in 1997 starting with the organizing of an original 12 member grade school kids performing group formed to exemplify the Can Do Attitude as a format for kids everywhere, quickly became a community project like no other. It happened on South Whidbey Island in the State of Washington USA, with the goal of inspiring kids and people of all ages everywhere to be a Can Do! Kid in striving to reach your highest potential. This group developed into a traveling troupe performing for community service organizations, school assemblies and entertainment venues with their special
choreographed dance and song routines that astounded audiences throughout Western Washington with their message to young and old that “You Can Do It” ~ Everybody’s A Can Do! Kid ~ “Be The Best You Can Be”! Community volunteers helped in choreography, vocal training, chaperoning performance bus trips, hosting parents meetings, publicity, performance audio assistance and photography, and local educators and students alike singing as featured vocalists on the CD Recording “Can Do!”. Their song “Wanna Smoke What A Joke!” was selected as theme song as performed by The Kids at the Governor’s first State Anti Smoking Summit event entitled “Wanna Smoke What A Joke!” They could be seen entertaining at the state Capitol or being featured at a Military changing of the guard ceremony. They could be seen with their pictures being taken with the Secretary of State, Lieutenant Governor, or with a disabled Veteran while singing their song “Disabled, But Able To Be All I Can Be!” They could be seen in Can Do! Kids Resolutions, letters of gratitude and endorsements from Mayors, Legislators,
news outlets, educators and chamber of commerce’s. Other kids performing as Can Do! Kids groups such as in Los Angeles being awarded the recognition as being the most inspirational children’s project in Los Angeles and, Kids in South Africa and London exemplifying being a Can Do! Kid followed in furthering the format as set by the original Washington State group.

To help fulfill the global need of making a brighter world by creating Can Do! Kids everywhere, the launching of the “Can Do!” CD (a magical musical experience involving 21 "can-do-kids" ages 7 to 82) will help bring attention to an overall program known as The CANDO Project ( designed to support Can Do! Kids and other Can Do! Kids groups that reflect being The Best You Can Be, everywhere ~ in Creating A New Dimension Of Optimism TM (acronym for CANDO).