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Canopy Red

The band name Canopy Red may be still making its way through the Christian rock ranks, but the foursome’s made several intentions very clear to everyone they’ve come in contact with thus far: Authenticity takes priority over public attention to any of the individual band members. Bottom line, these are four fresh-faced but remarkably cohesive players whose goal is to impact this generation with the Gospel, coupled with undeniable musicality that brings to mind bands like the Fray, Sanctus Real, Relient K, The Afters and other like-minded modern rock innovators. No matter how it’s described, Canopy Red provides emotional release at all angles, reeling in curious listeners with its infectious assault and sealing the deal with the utmost of relevance in the songwriting department. It’s a genesis that first began throughout members’ church collaborations in Tallahassee, FL that eventually evolved into a full-fledged recording career. “We were already playing together in our youth praise band and wanted to start a band and experiment with music and songwriting,” the guys recall of the process that inspired Canopy Red. “We like the concept of the word ‘Canopy’ because we knew we were sheltered by God. We added ‘Red’ to convey the concept of being sheltered by Christ’s blood.” In addition to resonating with friends and local music lovers, the group was soon looking for the next step in their development, eventually signing with Creative Soul Records (with producer Eric Copeland at the helm) in early 2009. Not only did the label gravitate towards the band’s obvious connectivity with its audience, but the guys also embraced the company’s idea of actually developing artists for the long term, rather than the short term vision of just making a recording. “Our manager found Eric after some extensive searching of possible producers to help the band,” they explain. “We met with Eric for the day and it clicked from the very first meeting. Eric has worked with a lot of people in Nashville that he is introducing us to. But he made it clear, and we agree, that our ministry has to be first and foremost and God will order the rest. God clearly was directing our paths to people to help us get where He wanted us to be.” The resulting partnership finds Canopy Red turning in a self-titled EP, which brims with the anthemic “All Around Me,” the aggressive “Falling Apart” and the sublime “Sorry.” Add in the easygoing acoustics of “True,” plus the string-enhanced charge of “Why Would You,” and the collection is loaded with just at much variety as it is introspection. “We write songs from the heart and our personal experiences of our walk with Christ in hope of connecting and reaching others,” reveals Forrest. “The theme to these songs is basically the idea that without God we can’t do anything, but His love for us is never ending and He always takes us back.” It’s certainly a message worthy of reaching the masses, but one the foursome specifically hopes will target fellow believers within their particular age group, which is all the more vital in an age of endless media influences and the pursuit of worldly gratification. “It’s written for Christians, primarily teenagers through young adults,” they verify. “Within the songs, we want to convey God’s plans are always way better than anything that the world has to offer.”

The fact that the fellas approach their duties with the utmost of excellence also establishes instant credibility in being able to communicate that very cause. “We don’t want to be limited to one sound,” asserts Josh, while Nick adds “we’re always experimenting with different sounds and styles.” And even though their chops are improving, Forrest insists on “never being satisfied and always seeking to improve our skills.” While musical musings are always on the minds of Canopy Red members, so is their commitment to Christ, both collectively and as far as their audience is concerned. “We always want to draw closer to God as a band,” the guys affirm. “And like our name says, we want to show more people, both saved and unsaved, what it means to live under the shelter of Christ’s blood.”