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Carl White

It was on a nice spring day in 1988 that Carl White was born. Well, really it was only the "idea" of Carl White that was born that day when the Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega labeled him a CIA spy.

You see CARL Wayne Henderson was working for the US Embassy in Panama back in eighty-eight. One day he was out for a stroll when he suddenly found himself surrounded by Noriega's security forces. The dictator (aka Pineapple Face) just happened to be giving a speech in a convention hall along Wayne's route and the guards thought he might be there to harm the boss. (Actually the poor fellow was just trying to meet up with a girlfriend.)

The guards started poking guns in Wayne's face and threatening to cart him off as a prisoner of war. They radioed in to let old Pineapple Face know they had caught a guy with a US diplomatic passport and who's name was Carl Wayne Henderson. Well it seems the despot wasn't a very good listener and immediately added to his speech that his men had just captured a CIA agent named "Carl White".

After a long delay – which, by the way, can seem like a lifetime when you're staring down the business end of an automatic rifle – Carl was released into the free world.

On a VERY NECESSARY trip to the dry cleaners immediately afterwards Wayne came to the conclusion that "Carl White" sounded like a pretty good name for a country singer. And besides, how many times do you get the chance to have a name bestowed upon you by a banana republic dictator?

We hope you enjoy Carl's songs. He figures that Pineapple Face probably does and so Carl never misses a chance to send him a copy of his latest work... that is so Manuel will have something to listen to in HIS prison cell.

Carl White (aka Carl Wayne Henderson)