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Carlos de Nicaragua y Familia

Carlos Wiltshire, alias Carlos de Nicaragua, was born in Bluefields, on the caribbean coast of Nicaragua. As he grew up, while he developped his passion for poetry, photography, cinema and philosophy, he naturally received the influences of salsa and reggae music, till it got a hold over his whole culture. His name is not only in reference to his country of birth but mostly in reference to the legendary indian chief Nicaraocai, philosopher, ferocious warrior and fighter – and like him, Carlos fought in the revolution his country got engaged into to eliminate from this land the cruel dictatorship that was devastating the people of Nicaragua.

This life breath emanates from his whole art, and his whole works reflect a personnality and an inspiration indissociable from the struggle he had to lead for justice, peace, love and solidarity in mankind, revealing the « One Love » cry of his rasta faith. Composing music therefore became like an evident expression of his roots and a mean to express himself to the rest of the world : like he says « music will make dance the dictator, the rich, the poor, the pope included. It is the langage we need to understand each other ».

Carlos de Nicaragua was one of the precursors of the sound system concept in Paris, with his own Kupia Kumi Sound System. Another sound system, called Jah Wisdom, produced Carlos' album "Mayombe", of which the single of the same name is included in the "Jah Wisdom-Vocals & Dub" compilation. Back in these times, Carlos produced himself with Tonton David y Pablo Master.

In 94, he joined the Mano Negra in a spanish tour and released, as the co-author, the song "El Alakran" for the album "Casa Babylon", conquering with his shout "Escuche Familia!" that crowned his irruptions on stage, fans from all around France and Spain. The Salsa Reggae Original Style was born to conquer a public eager of hot cadences and positive vibrations.

That's when he built a « big band » composed of 3 trombones, a sax, a flute, a salsa and reggae drummer, a bassplayer capable to play salsa, reggae, jazz, rock, congas, timbales, and 3 chorists. They toured together for ten good years in international festivals and clubs. A 5 titles album also saw birth with this band : « Escuche Familia », from which the song « Sensemaya » was included to 2 compilations « Latin Groove » (produced by PUTUMAYO) and « Latina Café 2 » (produced by WAGRAM). The song « Carlanga » was included to the « Resto Pollo Rico » compilation and the song « Oye Mujer » to the « Muevete Bien » compilation, both produced by SABOR DISCOS.

The mix of salsa and reggae is an expression of Carlos' constant search of the richness that naturally flows from mixing, rallying him to one of his favorite poets, Nicolas Guillen, of whom he put the « Sensemaya » poem into a song and who used to highlight that, in reference to Cuba : « there are no blacks, no whites, only mulattos ». It is the mixing of genres that pushes Carlos to constantly create and innovate. Therefore, besides salsa and reggae, one can find in Carlos' music many other influences such as rock, jazz, funk, rap, and more...and Carlos likes to metaphorically compare his music to a volcano : « first it sleeps, then wakes up, and finally explodes »...indeed, his music explodes in a mix of poetry, philosophy and afro-caribbean warmth sang in the melodious spanish language.