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Carrie Lynn

Carrie Lynn, a native Oregonian, has been a music lover all her life, pretty much singing since birth, making up songs even before she knew how to play an instrument, hearing those melodies in her head. Although initially bit by the acting bug, as soon as she picked up her first guitar in the mid 90’s, that was it, music became numero uno. Sure, there was some writing classes and a stint at makeup school along the way but it's music that she's always inevitably come back to. However, it wasn’t until well into the 2000’s that she started recording. First through friends and then later, taking up recording herself. Her guitar of choice? A vintage 70’s Yamaha FG-180 straight red label. It's the guitar that she’s recorded the bulk of her songs with. Songs that have been made available in the form of an EP, two full lengths, and a handful of digital singles-all original material. In 2015 there was also a compilation put together and distributed for free of covers recorded through the years.

When it comes to describing her own style of music, the answer doesn’t come easily. “Indie pop” is all she seems willing to commit to, citing hooks and melody as “most important”, closely followed by what she considers her biggest strength; lyrics. That being said, she considers herself well versed in many varieties of music. Growing up, she not only listened to the hits of the day but she got a solid education in “old school” country and Elvis from her mom as well as sixties and seventies rock and pop via her dad’s old vinyl collection, the latter which she admits she got fairly “obsessed” with. Falling in love with bands and artists such as the Rolling Stones, the Zombies, the Kinks, Velvet Underground, Dylan, Donovan, Otis Redding, the Who, the Doors, Elvis Costello, and most of all, the Beatles, she listened to and read anything she could get a hold of. Then came the 90’s and “grunge” which she says “literally rocked my world”. But it was the “punk/riot grrrl” movement that really helped to ignite the spark that would finally lead to picking up a guitar. “Women like Kim Gordon, Kat Bjelland, and Courtney Love showed that you didn’t have to settle for dating a member of the band. You could actually be IN the band and just as loud at that, which was empowering.” Not saying she's ever made that much noise, "No, as much as I love my rock and at times, wish I could succeed in writing heavier stuff, I'm definitely a pop singer at heart." When it comes to Carrie's aesthetic, think songbirds from the sixties, singers like Marianne Faithfull, Mary Hopkin, or even France Gall, only a modernized American version who instead of singing someone else's songs, is writing and playing her own.

Fast forward to the present day. Although she’s tried moving away a few times, she keeps finding herself back in Portland, still immersed in music, writing and playing when she can between the day to day. "Life's funny," she says, "You never know where it's gonna take you or what things will come up but the true loves, they stick with you." One thing’s for sure, regardless of what happens next or where she happens to be, it’s a pretty safe bet that she’s got her headphones on.