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Cassandra "D.I.V.A. of Dialog" Lee

Studies show that one of the top traits companies want their employees to possess is excellent communication skills. People who struggle with the ability to confidently share their ideas and speak in public – limit their chances to be promotable, marketable, and employable. Unfortunately, most people would rather die than speak in public. Their fears keep them from developing such a vital skill for their life and career.

That’s not true for Cassandra “D.I.V.A. of Dialog™” Lee. She has been called an “excellent presenter,” a “down-to-earth and practical speaker,” and “a relatable speaker…who is easy to listen to…and knows her stuff.” Whether in her early career as an Administrative Assistant, her current career as a Career Advancement Strategist, or her 15-year involvement as a member of Toastmasters International, Cassandra has enjoyed career success thanks to her ability to effectively communicate. It is her wish that you can experience the same.

That is why she has created the audio CD D.I.V.A.BITS™: 24 Enlightening Tips to Conquer Communication Skills. It is designed to provide you with a “quick, fresh and fun twist” to the standard techniques of improving, polishing, and mastering your communication skills.

If you are ready to do the work to improve your communication skills, this program is for you. Let Cassandra “D.I.V.A. of Dialog™” Lee be your teacher. She will provide you with the plan of action to fix your communication trouble spots. Implement it so you can finally experience success with confidently and effectively speaking in public.