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Cataleya Fay

Cataleya Fay is a singer-songwriter and musician from Austria.
Her journey began with the release of her debut album “Trace” at the end of july 2012. 2013 one song of this album, “Welcome to this World” was the theme song of the Cosmic Cine Filmfestival’s trailer, broadcasted in Germany and Switzerland. 2013 was intense and dedicated to playing concerts, solo gigs and also collaborations with other artists. Currently Cataleya Fay is working on her second album “Journey” and it is estimated that it will come out in summer 2014.

She tried different genres – electronic music, rock, experimental pop, world music, mantra and kirtan – and sang in a gospel choir, but she has always been most attracted to the tradition of the singer-songwriter, which is all about expressing personal thoughts, feelings, experiences and observations. Though you can still hear all those different influences in her music.

Her delightful original songs and musically poems are about the beauty of life and our world by itself. It‘s about luck, love, joy, inspiration, integrity and freedom friskily showing you, that everything could also be totally different. It's music to encourage, because the world has plenty of critics already.

Before she decided to commit herself wholeheartedly to music, she completed several training programs in dancing, dance education, voice coaching, yoga and Pilates. For more than ten years, she worked as a teacher in these fields and sometimes she still teaches.

In the last few years, Cataleya Fay has worked with many great musicians from different backgrounds. Time and again she did and still does support various artists on stage or on their albums as a guest singer. When living in Austria, Cataleya has also worked as a singer and dancer for several theatre, dance, fashion and advertising productions.

From 2009 – 2011 she lived and worked in an Ashram. There it came into some beautiful collaborations, for example with Dave Stringer, whom she accompanied as a guest singer for some concerts on his tour through Europe or dear friend Spring Groove.

Cataleya Fay is an autodidact. She learned to play the piano, guitar and harmonium without formal instruction quite late, because she just wanted to be independent. Free to express, when writing and composing her own songs and lyrics.

Her upcoming album "Journey", means something very special to Cataleya Fay. Each song on this album has a story, a meaning, some of them she even wrote some years ago, but now all of them are ready to be given to the world.

Cataleya Fay firmly believes that music has the power to touch and to inspire people. She hopes that maybe her music can enliven something deep inside, to create feelings of joy, love, peace in the heart and courage for a world with more warmth, respect, love and more freedom.