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Cathie Borrie

Cathie Borrie devotes her immense energies to educating people on the experience of Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer’s care-giving. She is dedicated to galvanizing a positive, enlightened change in society’s perception of dementia. Born in Vancouver, Cathie has had an extensive and diverse working life, which includes careers in health, law and business. Beginning as a nurse, she went on to attain a Masters of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and graduated from Law School at the University of Saskatchewan. Her education and career experience did not, however, prepare her for the seven years she spent caring for her mother, who had Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Many of the Alzheimer’s books that she read during her care-giving years did not address the totality of the journey, neglecting as they did to reveal the unfolding poetry and beauty of her mother’s walk with dementia. In choosing to write a lyrical memoir of her experiences, Cathie elected not only to explore the spiritual insight made possible by the Alzheimer’s journey, but also mined her past to weave the loss of a sibling, the impact of divorce on children, the effects of alcoholism on relationships, and the healing power of dance, into a rich narrative. Cathie has presented at international conferences on Alzheimer’s, and works tirelessly as an advocate for both people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. As part of her determination to change public perception, she is adapting The Long Hello for stage and screen.