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Unbelievable! Multi –Talented! Creative! Beautiful! Are some of the words that comes to mind when you initially hear the musical talents of Chanda E. Long (C.E.L.). Not only is she a talented singer, she’s also a beautiful songwriter. Her unbelievable skills are displayed through her music, where she is creative enough to write, sing, and vocally arrange all her songs.

C.E.L., which is an acronym for her name, is prepared to make her mark on Detroit’s already famous musical map. Creating inroads and highways in R&B, Soul & Hip-Hop for a new kind of woman. C.E.L. has crossed many musical bridges on a quest to find a style that’s one of a kind. Returning from this unique journey she has brought back a musical creation like no other. Her style is a careful blend of rhythm, melody, harmony, R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop that when mixed together gives birth to a heavenly sound. She is creatively married Hip-Hop, Soul & R&B so that her sound spreads across generations. Creating songs where families can listen to a cd together and all get equal pleasure and enjoyment.

After listening to her first single “BEAUTIFUL” from her current cd DELUXXE ORGANIC you can’t help but wonder how far this soultress will go. “BEAUTIFUL” is the ultimate blend of Hip-Hop & R&B” states her Manager/ Producer Eric“BIG E” Belton. He continues, “People talk about R&B with a Hip-hop feel, C.E.L. Lives It”. In a time when everyone tries to put an artist into a category C.E.L. defines all odds by being a Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B singer. If you don’t believe me try listening to “U DON’T KNOW ME” or “PHILLY BROWN” and I am sure you will become an instant believer…when asked, how can she make such radio friendly songs she credits her days as an On-Air Personality. “Being on the radio everyday you feel what your listeners are feeling and can relate to their issues & concerns, so naturally when I write we are all connected by going thru or have been thru similar situations”, says the future award winning songstress

Currently tearing up the country performing live with her band, C.E.L. is definitely positioning herself for a ride to the top. If you yearn for a good performance with songs that have substance, do yourself a favor and come out to see C.E.L. perform live. If that can’t happen at least purchase a cd and let her voice, sound and style carry you to a wonderful place of joy and happiness.

In this musical era that we currently reside in, it is not that often when real music comes around so that everyone can enjoy. The music is great, the songs are wonderful and the artist is unequivocally a mega star on the rise.