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Chico Sato

Chico Sato:
Chico Sato is the name I use as a DJ/Producer. Chico has been my nickname since birth, and Sato is my Mom's maiden last name. I first started learning music when I was fourteen years old after my mom had given me a light up keyboard for Christmas. It was my favorite gift ever, the keys I pressed lit up making it easier for me to discern patterns in tonality and pitch. I became obsessed with learning piano, not because of its particular sound, but because of its structure. It was easy to visualize sound when I knew how much separation it was from the previous pitch played.

The Keyboard wasn't too realistic, the best sound I got out of it was close to classic 8-bit nintendo games. I liked it a lot and I believe that to be the reason why I got into electronic music. Many years later I began using FL Studio to produce EDM. My main inspirations so far have been Wolfgang Gartner, Diplo, Crystal Castles, and more recently Dillon Francis. I try not to sound too much like them, but I also hope to inspire other producers by giving them good music.

Ji-Sook Yim:
Ji-Sook Yim is a pianist from Chicago, Illinois. She was classically trained in piano at the age of 6 and violin at the age of 7, and it was in high school that she found a skill of playing songs by ear. Piano soon became her primary instrument, and she began to play covers over a wide range of genres, from soundtracks from Korean dramas and video games, from Kpop to top 40 songs, and viral, autotuned YouTube videos. In 2011, she discovered the world of EDM, and ever since, she has been creating piano covers for EDM tracks. Recently, she has branched out from creating covers by exploring ways of integrating original piano melodies with EDM.

Her unique, artistic interpretations of her piano covers have earned recognition from some of her favorite artists, including Madeon, Gareth Emery, Andrew Rayel and Wolfgang Gartner. Constantly inspired by EDM, she hopes her music will have an effect on her listeners, whether it is to impact them to feel a certain emotion, or to inspire them to create their own music.