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Chris Kidd

Birth Name= Lloyd Christopher Kidd
Born= August 26, 1990
Place of Birth= Brooklyn, NY
Origin= Flatbush Brooklyn, NY
Occupations= Rapper, Singer and Producer
Genres= Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B
Years Active= 2006-Present
Other Names= Chaos Kid, Problem Child, and Prince Virgo
Influences= Michael Jackson, Eminem, D12, Eazy-E, Big L, Fabolous, Lloyd, Stevie Wonder, Ne-Yo, Raheem DeVaughn, Cassidy, Papoose, Dipset, Max B, NWA, Prince EA, Michael Franks, Pharrell, Drake, DJ Quik, Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and Cyssero

Chris Kidd was born August 26, 1990 in Brooklyn, NY. Since the age of 3 he had a love for music especially Michael Jackson but at the age of 11 he took a liking to rap and hip-hop music. His main influence in rap music was Eminem. When Chris first started writing lyrics he had the same rap style as Eminem but as he got older and started to listen to other artists he developed a style of his own. Unlike many other rap artists Chris Kidd doesn't idolize Tupac Shakur or Biggie Smalls. He respects them for what they accomplished in their careers but feels as though many people from the new generation of music say their names a lot just to be a part of the "Big and Pac" fad. His favorite deceased rappers are Big L and Eazy-E. He likes Big L for his lyrical skills and Eazy-E for his hardcore but unique rap persona.

Chris Kidd has a unique rap style that is not of a thug or a gangster but of a "bad boy" and a "problem child". He makes it a habit of stressing this because he feels a lot of people don't know the difference. To him gangsters and thugs have a certain style and way of doing things which is very different from a "bad boy". Examples are pants sagging, gang violence, selling drugs and glorifying jail and imprisonment. Though some of his topics are similar he always stays within his limits so he doesn’t overstep his boundaries, because to him that would be fraudulent behavior. He admits that a lot of the content in his lyrics are exaggerated on but maintains that even so he's rapping from experiences and his lyrics aren't just completely made up. His theory is that if every rapper did exactly what they said in their lyrics there wouldn't be any left because they would all be dead or in jail. Other elements to his style are being a "lover boy" and being comical. His "girl" songs have various tones to them because of different stages that he's gone through in his love life. As far as comedy Chris tries to keep a balance to his lyrics because he doesn't want to present the image that he is a completely "dark" person and he also wants to come at the "rap world" from a different angle.

Chris Kidd produces a lot of his own beats. He uses a program called Audio Mixcraft. He likes to sample a lot from "oldies" so he listens to a lot of different genres other than rap music.

Even though he is a rap artist, Chris Kidd does like to sing. He doesn't do it full time because his focus is on rap music and he also doesn't want to confuse people so he sometimes sings on a chorus of one of his own songs.

Virgo Venom is Chris Kidd's debut album which was released late 2009. The title was chosen because of his horoscope sign (Virgo) and his feeling that even though Virgos are sweet people if pushed they can also be evil (Venom). In his personal life Chris has a strong love for astrology and believes that people’s signs tell you a lot about them and that helps him know who he wants to associate with in his daily life. Most of the listeners who bought the album genuinely liked it but he felt as though it could have been much better. He mainly was dissatisfied because all the tracks didn't come from the same studio so they didn't have the same sound and also because the studio engineer that he started off the project with didn't take his work as serious because he wasn't signed with a major record label so he wasn't made a priority. On this album Chris made sure that he recorded a lot of mainstream songs that way he could outreach to a more general public.

Problem Child is Chris Kidd's debut mixtape which was released early 2010. The title "Problem Child" comes from Chris's early life where he suffered abuse and was always in and out of trouble, and had a very bad relationship with his family especially his parents. He likes this mixtape better than Virgo Venom because he was able to focus on his lyrical skills more and didn't have to worry about making mainstream music.

Virgo Mentality is Chris Kidd's second album which was released late 2010. It is a sequel to "Virgo Venom". The content and the title of the album are based on of the way that people born under the Virgo horoscope sign think and behave. On this project Chris Kidd did a lot more producing and singing on song choruses. He also continued to work as a solo artist and created the album with his own material and money that way he could receive all profits made from it.

Da Chaos Theory is Chris Kidd's second mixtape which was released early 2011. The music content has a darker theme to it than Chris Kidd's other music projects and is very controversial. The title is based on Chris Kidd's chaotic life from childhood to adulthood.

Dreams, Nightmares & Reality is Chris Kidd's third mixtape which was released November 2011. The music content on this project has a dreamier feel to it but the lyrics are mostly based on reality and Chris Kidd's personal relationships with people in general.

Chaos Kid is Chris Kidd’s fourth mixtape which was released April 2012. On this project Chris Kidd sang on a lot of the song choruses but the lyrical content was similar to that of his previous mixtape Dreams, Nightmares & Reality.

Love Jones is Chris Kidd’s first compilation project which was released 2012. The project is based on the 1997 film “Love Jones” the featured songs are strictly love and romance based songs from Chris Kidd’s previous projects. It also includes interludes from various scenes throughout the movie.

Gotham City Takeover is Chris Kidd's fifth mixtape which was released December 2012. On this project Chris Kidd portrays himself as the black version of "The Joker" from the "Batman" movie. The majority of the songs are in reference to "Gotham City".

Virgo Venom (2009)
Virgo Mentality (2010)

Problem Child (2010)
Da Chaos Theory (2011)
Dreams, Nightmares & Reality (2011)
Chaos Kid (2012)
Gotham City Takeover (2012)

Love Jones (2012)