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Christene Jackman

Music for those who treasure the Hebrew scriptures. Rediscover the "ancient paths" of worship with these new songs by Christene Jackman. The music is new with a Hebraic flavor. The lyrics are ancient, taken from the Hebrew scriptures. Most songs have lyrics taken directly from the scriptures and sung in the original biblical Hebrew. Some songs are sung all in Hebrew, some in English, some in Hebrew and English. The CD booklet has Hebrew with nikkud, transliteration Hebrew, and English to aid in learning the songs.

"Nothing touches my spirit like singing scripture in biblical Hebrew. Since I have been studying scripture in Hebrew, I feel like I've never studied the Bible before--and I've read it all my life. You miss so much only studying it in English and from a Western mindset. After all, the Bible was written from a Hebraic mindset. He's not called the "Holy One of Kansas". He is the "Holy One of Israel". And He keeps His promises. Kum Ori Sar Shalom! Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Maranatha. May you be blessed as you sing these songs. The Word of God is powerful. Blessings also to the Jewish people who so carefully guarded the scriptures through the ages; from whom came (and will come again) Yeshua haMashiach ben David (Jesus, the Messiah, Son of David)."