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Christopher K. G. Hagadone

Christopher K. G. Hagadone started playing around with turntables in 1998 for about 2 years learning the tricks of the trade when he set his eyes on music producing and engineering software and a keyboard. Totally inexperienced in where he was heading. He studied books on recording and read his manuals like they were novels. While studying piano and classical music and musical history he earned his appreciation of the fine arts of the past. From his childhood musical influences of rock and roll, punk rock to hip-hop and rap. To his adolescent stage of where he became a huge fan of pop music. To his teenage years of where you would find him listening to all the great classical composers of the past. Where for the next portion of his life with a keyboard, music software, computer, mike and pencil he song wrote, composed, produced, engineered and was the musician and artist of 4 albums of 6 years of work! While writing for 6 years exclusively about his spiritual journey through his life, in 2007 he produced 2 albums parting his way from his spiritual musical journey and more into his physical. While being a multi-talented songwriter, composer, producer, engineer, musician, and artist of so many different styles of music. He decided to pursue his dream of creating pop and dance music. While In 2008 he dominated with other respected artist a website called MTV SOUNDTRACK a website for music makers and fans. Where he gained much visibility from releasing his 4 song EP called “Mysteriously In Love” on the application submerging him into dance music and pop. He’s entered many contests since then remixing and competing with the best of them. He’s remixed songs with artists such as Cee-lo Green, Brendon Urie [Panic At the Disco], Patrick Stump [Fall Out Boy], Janelle Monae, Travis McCoy [Gym Class Heroes], Flo Rida, Wynter Gordan, Carmen and Camille, The Sounds, T-Pain and has been cross-promoted by company’s Coke a Cola, Pepsi and Dr Pepper. He is not new to music his list of musical endeavors and talents are endless and has written his fair share of music. His musical style is unique as is his background. He is definitely an artist of music.