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Cirith Gorgor is founded (as 'Dark Sorceress') by guitarists Asmoday and Astaroth Daemonum in late 1993 and Levithmong and Lord Mystic join the band shortly afterwards on drums and bass guitar, respectively. Apart from creating extreme black metal their main inspiration springs from an intense antipathy towards all (organised) religions. In the course of 1996 Nimroth replaces the band’s first vocalist who had been dismissed due to lack of motivation. A period of frequent rehearsals and composing eventually leads to the release of the demo "Mystic Legends…" in 1997, of which all available copies are soon sold out.

The success of "Mystic Legends…" results in a record deal with Osmose Productions, who release the debut album "Onwards to the Spectral Defile" in 1999. Immediately after the recordings, however, Asmoday decides to leave the band and is soon replaced by Marchosias. More live rituals are executed in the Netherlands and abroad and the band starts composing their second album.

"Unveiling the Essence" is released by Osmose Productions in 2001. The typical aggressive yet melodic Cirith Gorgor style is consolidated and the new album receives good reviews in the international press. Afterwards, founding member Astaroth Daemonum decides to leave the band, and the cooperation with Osmose Productions is ended as well. The band starts working on new material resulting in a self-financed promo "Demonic Incarnation" (2002), which comes to the attention of German label Ketzer Records. Two of the promo songs are released on a limited edition 7" entitled "Through Woods of Darkness and Evil" through a cooperation between Ketzer Records and Regimental Records. After the promo recordings, the band recruites Inferno (from Dutch black metal band Tartaros) as new guitarist.

With their full strength regained, Cirith Gorgor embark on a European tour with their comrades from German black metal band Mor Dagor and their live reputation is further enhanced. This is soon followed by the creation of "Firestorm Apocalypse – tomorrow shall know the blackest dawn", which apart from their trademark fast black metal shows an epic and melancholic side of the band as well. The album is released in 2004 by Ketzer Records.

Cirith Gorgor embark on their second European tour supported by Lux Ferre from Portugal and Daemonlord from Spain. With the help of Mor Dagor guitarist Pestilence a new track "Demonic Incarnation" is recorded, and released in 2005 by Ketzer Records as a split 7" with Mor Dagor. During the following months new material is written and the cooperation with Nimroth comes to an end. The next full-length album "Cirith Gorgor" is recorded in the Toneshed Studio with Erwin Hermsen, who had previously recorded the demo and debut album. Since a new vocalist had not been found in time, Levithmong performs vocals on the album.

Ketzer Records releases "Cirith Gorgor" in 2007. It shows yet another refinement of Cirith Gorgor's typical fast yet melodic black metal and the more straightforward style of the album earns international acclaim. In order to promote the album the band recruits session vocalist Satanael (from Dutch black metal band Walpurgisnacht) to help out on live rituals. Soon afterwards Cirith Gorgor decides to put the band's interest first and parts company with Inferno, who is later replaced by Odium. After numerous live rituals it is finally decided that Satanael will be Cirith Gorgor's permanent vocalist.

Due to Satanael's emigration plans the band is once again forced to start looking for a new vocalist. Former long-time vocalist Nimroth contacts the band and rejoins after a three-year break. Due to the departure of Odium also a new guitarist has to be found. After some auditions Waldtyr (from Dutch black metal band Beliar) is recruited and the bands starts working on new material.

A project that has been brooding in the mind of Marchosias for years finally crystalizes in the form of "Der Untergang... / Победа !!!", a dedication monument to those who perished in the WWII battles on the eastern front. Again the recordings take place in the Toneshed Studio and the strictly limited gatefold LP is released by the band's own "Untergang Records" label in 2011. Musically, it shows an impressive progression of musicianship by combining brutal black metal with slow and deeply emotional melodic parts, rather untypical of Cirith Gorgor's earlier releases. In the same studio sessions, "Firestorm Apocalypse – tomorrow shall know the blackest dawn" is subjected to rigorous remastering at the request of Ketzer Records. Bonus material is gathered (including the previously unreleased track "The Devil's Ancient Disciples") and "Firestorm Apocalypse..." is released as a 2-CD digipack on Ketzer Records in 2012. The year ends rather unpleasantly as both long-time serving members Lord Mystic and Nimroth announce their departure from the band.

Waldtyr decides to shift to bass guitar and a new guitarist is found in the person of Valefor (from Dutch black metal bands World Funeral and Lux Haeretica). Furthermore, Satanael returns to the band as a session live vocalist. With three motivated composers, the work on the new full-length album starts and progresses at an enormous speed. As a first feat of arms "Proclamation of Destruction" (featuring Levithmong on vocals) is recorded showing that, in spite of all setbacks and line-up problems, Cirith Gorgor has lost none of it's brutality and intensity over the years. Moreover, the band is once again armed and ready to destroy stages throughout Europe!