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Civil Disobedience

A brief history of Civil Disobedience
Civil Disobedience was formed in Saginaw, Michigan as the result of two local bands, the Belligerents and D.F.C., merging into one band, in late 1989, early 1990. Civil Disobedience (referred to by many as Civil D for short) was inspired by many forms of music, but first and foremost, the music band members had grown up on, the Hardcore/Punk rock and Thrash metal of the 1980s. Having serious aspirations, determination and a passion to play seemed to make up for a lack in musical ability until band members actually learned how to use their instruments. Taking an active role in the re-emerging Michigan Hardcore scene of the early 1990s, the band began to successfully gig at local DIY venues such as: Flint’s infamous Fallout Shelter at the Capitol Theater, the 404 Willis in Detroit, and various parties and events.
The next four years saw them continuously playing in venues around the Midwest, undertaking numerous mini-tours and trips to the studio where they recorded two well received releases: the full-length cassette tape Political prisoners, self-released 1992, and the In a few hours of madness... EP released on Havoc records (Minneapolis, MN) 1994. Civil D.also contributed various tracks from the aforementioned releases and several live recordings for a handful of non-profit benefit compilations. During this period, the majority of the bands’ members, most of whom were Saginaw area natives, had relocated to the Detroit area. By mid-1995, with an increasing shortage of local gigs, and a lack of steady work due to Detroit’s failing economy, an opportunity to work with a larger label, Profane Existence (Minneapolis, MN), and record a another full length album, conveniently presented itself. So this band of restless nomads once again prepared to relocate, this time to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Shortly before this move, they re-entered the studio and recorded tracks for the Lets start a riot! compilation LP released on Clean plate records (North Amherst, MA) 1995. After relocation to Minneapolis, the band saw a return to frequent gigs, several mini-tours, an East coast tour in the fall of 1996, and a return to the studio to record the full-length Invention Extinction LP, a joint Profane Existence and Skuld records (Renningen, Germany) release, 1996. Several months prior to the LPs release Civil Disobedience was also featured on the Die human race flexi compilation EP, Profane Existence, 1996. Other contributors also included: Civil D. studio mates and thrash masters State of Fear, local Minneapolis drunk punk uber boozers Assrash and several European bands, including Hiatus. Early in 1997, the band returned once again to the studio and recorded the Hindsight EP (unreleased).
By mid-1997 economic constraints, conflicting schedules, serious infighting, growing hard drug use and hard core alcoholism had led to: the loss of certain long-time members, the Hindsight EP getting shelved and the band rapidly disintegrating. Four of the remaining core members attempted to redirect their efforts and take the band in a new direction, but it was to no avail. Those same remaining members finally decided to call it quits in early 1998 after almost a decade of playing music together.
Although Civil D is no longer functional as a band at the current time, the core members have long since put their lives back together and remain active in music, writing, art, etc. and have been involved in a slew of projects including: The Pisshead Blues Band, Dreadnaught, Dusk, Psychotic Kinesis, Adipocere and Zeitgeists just to name a few. Civil D has a massive amount of unreleased material which will soon be available. This material includes: the entire Hindsight EP, a live album, live and music videos, a DVD, all their official releases, art, merchandise and more. All of this will be available through Healthy Fear of Tyranny records a division of Democracity productions. Both companies are run and owned by members of the band, for the band and its incredibly dedicated fan base.