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Cole Boyz

The Cole Boyz hail from the streets of the North side of Huntsville, AL, B.K.A Hunts Vegas, by the way of Ysrael. The group is comprised of Shemari Bayn (Shemariyahu), Dani Bayn (Daniyahu), and Bach Bayn (Bachir). All the members of the group are blood related cousins. The Cole Boyz have been fans of rap and hip-hop music ever since they were old enough to talk. The group has been influenced by music from all coasts and regions of the country, but most heavily by the heavyweights representing for the South such as U.G.K., Outkast, Eight Ball and MJG, Geto Boys, Goodie Mob, as well as members of the No Limit Soldiers, Cash Money Millionaires etc. The members of the group have been rapping since youngsters. The Cole Boyz started some years ago as a dream often spoken of when the cousins would gather on the weekends to kick it and have those infamous “free-style” sessions. The cousins often talked about how one day they would join forces as the Cole Boyz and take the rap game by storm and display their talent before the world. The cousins initially clicked up with another fledging upstart independent label out of Huntsville, recorded a few songs and got down to the grind. After going nowhere, wasting time and money, and strained relationships the Cole Boyz decided to see what they could accomplish on their own. Manny Chevy invested everything that he was worth (which wasn’t much) into his family and their dream. In a modest two-bedroom apartment the four of them begin selecting tracks and writing lyrics that would eventually become “Da Heartz of Dixie” and the debut release from the Cole Boyz and Cole Blooded Music Group. As fate would have it, while working on this project the cousins would be introduced to something that would become an even stronger bond than blood for all of them. All members of the Cole Boyz profess to be proud messianic believers and descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. All members are faithful servants and sons of the most high Elohim YHWH and his son and soon crowned king, Yahoshua the messiah. The understanding and consciousness of who they were as it pertains to the Holy Scriptures would bring about a change in the focus of the group and the type of music that they will produce in the future. The debut album from the Cole Boyz will display the group for whom they were before YAH and show the transformation (in the midst of recording) to the men that YAH is molding them into as we speak. This project and union was blessed by the hands of YHWH, Elohim of the Hebrews and created for a greater purpose. The Cole Boyz are proud of “Da Heartz of Dixie” and anxiously await reaction from the fans, and are even more excited about getting started on their next album. All honor and praise is given unto YAH! HalleluYAH! Shalom! Shalom!