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Combat Astronomy

Unique, intense hypnagogic industrial/jazz/prog/doommetal hybrid.

Newest release is 2011's Flak Planet.


Flak Planet is Combat Astronomy's fourth album as an ensemble. As ever, this outing sees the band stubbornly idiosyncratic, hypnotic and heavy. Combat Astronomy continue to achieve alchemical brilliance in their fusion of 70's influenced avant jazz and 21st century doom metal, producing something (yet again!) rather special and rather unique. The result is a sprawling, martial beast: kicking and screaming in its joyous fractal webs.

“Daring and somewhat innovative, Combat Astronomy's perilous journey into the unknown tenders a thrills-per-minute experience. With gut-wrenching patterns and a larger than life sound, the album should be branded with a clause, stating that the audience should play at their own risk. The artists' purveyance of imagery set on a colossal soundscape could also serve as a proving ground for a high-end stereo system. Indeed, a top selection for 2011.”
Glenn Astarita,

Earth Divided By Zero
A continuous dense wall of shifting sound, Combat Astronomy show possibly their highest level of stylistic purity so far – the sense 'otherworldly yet familiar' experience more akin to the primal landscapes of Zoviet France than the typical library references of extreme metal or free jazz. Like Tarkovsky's films, the music seems to communicate primarily with ones unconscious mind regardless of whether the conscious one is enthralled or repulsed.

"...severely heavy avant/jazz metal, filled to the brim with polyrhythmic churning ground structures, expanded by an angular cacaphony of the most massive wind section on the avantgarde side of metal, woven in seering unsettling atmospheres and sound landscapes."

Dreams No Longer Hesitate
“The addition of vocalist, Elaine di Falco, brings another strange dimension: a kind of eyeliner-Gothic emotional delicacy, tucked inside Huggett’s hefty riffs like a snow-white hand in a gore-spattered, chain-mail gauntlet. You won’t hear another album like this all year.”
Daniel Spicer, Jazzwise

“The avant rock outfit Combat Astronomy confronts the delicate and ethereal with the harsh and bent. The music - mostly built around low-end rhythms that carry the menacing, beastly timbers of extreme metal (think Meshuggah in slow motion) - hybrids the Nuevo Metal and soundscape textures of the new millennium's King Crimson with the third stream music of Magma, only with less of the repetitiveness and a more restrained vocal approach.”
Avi Shaked, Maelstrom

Praise for Combat Astronomy's The Dematerialised Passenger (2005)
“A fascinating listen... exuberantly recommended"
Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz

"Plenty of peak moments... always walking a fine line between virtuosity and naked force"
Tom Ridge, #e Wire

"Like all good white knuckle rides, terror soon gives way to exhilaration"
Daniel Spicer, Jazzwise

"High octane performances... on a higher level"
Ken Waxman, Jazz Word