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Corvus Stone

Corvus Stone love many forms of music and certainly not fans of genres or labels.
A band comprised of individuals, all with their own unique styles and approaches. You want predictability & an obvious theme on an album, you will not find it here (Or will you?). If you enjoyed radio stations like the ones that existed in the good old days (anything and everything), you will enjoy what you find here! They really do mix it up.

Petri Lemmy Lindström is an ex-member of Lyijykomppania and he has his own (highly acclaimed) music projects called Saturn Twilight and Progeland.

Pasi Koivu has been involved with promoting Black Widow (that’s how he got to know Colin) Pasi Koivu Psychedelic Eye is one man solo project with three self released albums.

Guitarist Colin Tench recorded and performed with Odin (of London) alongside John Culley (ex-Cressida, ex-Black Widow) leading to the formation of BunChakeze, their 1980′s recordings were finally released in 2010 receiving much praise. Colin is an active member of bands such as Corvus Stone, The Minstrel’s Ghost , Transmission Rails and Oceans 5. Colin also has his own side project “Colin Tench Project” (CTP). Colin has collaborated with Lorelei McBroom(Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones), Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh, Eagles, CSNY), Phil Naro (Talas, DDrive) Sean Filkins (Big Big Train) Stef Flaming (Murky Red) & Andres Guazzelli (Wish You Could Hear, single).

Robert Wolff has been an exceptional drummer his whole life & has covered many genres. He joined Corvus Stone halfway through the recording of album one He is most proud of his early bands Micah and Raven, as they were both groundbreaking and exceptional. There was a Micah album release in 2012 and there was a Raven vinyl reissue in 2013.

Blake Carpenter a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with over 25 years of experience in writing, performing and producing. With endeavors ranging from folk to heavy metal. Blake is involved in a gamut of projects including The Minstrel’s Ghost, Voice of the Enslaved & Coalition.

If you want to like what you hear in the first 30 seconds, again… look elsewhere but if you want music to grow on you as you get to know it, Corvus Stone’s music does exactly that.

There is melodic content 100% of the time in everything they do. Sometimes there is singing, sometimes not.

They invite an array of guests to join them on their albums and The Minstrel’s Ghost, BLAKE CARPENTER on Vocals, has become a true band member.

Sonia Mota creates all the artwork for albums and videos.

Pasi, Colin, Petri & Robert never planned to form a band when they met by chance on the internet. They were already busy with their own bands at that time. Some recordings that they made for fun, made it obvious to them that this was different and had all the magic and surprise that rarely comes from a plan. Progressive music is considered the last bastion of “real music” but so often suffers from predictability due to limitations set by “experts” and the genre itself. Corvus Stone step in and out of “prog” within the space of one song!

Corvus Stone state as follows:
Our rules are simple.
We don’t try to sound like anyone.
We don’t try to NOT sound like anyone.
We don’t try to be different.
We don’t try to fit any mold & we will never do what reviewers suggest we do.
We enjoy and put a lot of thought into every second of everything we do.

Their first (80 minute) album was released in 2012 and received some incredible reviews on progarchives and elsewhere.
2014 saw the release of Corvus Stone II