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Crossed Streams

The genesis of Crossed Streams began in late 2008 out of a desire to join the sound of melodic death metal, with the speed and riffs of late '80's thrash metal. It's a style of music that Crossed Streams has never grown tired of, and now almost 30 years after the advent of thrash, has begun to evoke an almost warm and fuzzy "Baseball, Mom, and Apple Pie" feel to it...provided that Mom baked razor blades into the apple pie, and is waiting just around the corner for you with the baseball bat...but I digress...

Work officially began in January 2009 on a single track titled "On The Battlefield". The recording of "On The Battlefield" became the germ of the unofficially released "FLOATING DOWN DENIAL" EP, which was mostly a convenient way to bookend the first three Crossed Streams songs, "On The Battlefield", "Derelict", and the anthem for all of you who have just wanted to go absolutely batty on a crazy driver on a highway, the road rage epic "FuckemKillemDead". As with most new bands the first steps were shaky, but there were some glimmers of light there that evolved into what has become the band's first official release- "SOMNIPHOBIA".

"Somniphobia" was officially launched October 1st 2010. It's a loose concept album in that there is a general theme in each song about sleep, fear of sleep, nightmares, and sleep disorders, but the original plan of having an entire album that spanned the average eight hours or so of sleep one gets in a night, combined with cramming in all the horrible stuff that COULD happen to you didn't make much sense once it began. I mean, if less than half of that stuff happened to me in one night I'd give up trying to sleep and go watch a movie or dig? So "Somniphobia" became what it LP with a theme, but with a few twists here and there. Most importantly, it showcased the progression musically of Crossed Streams. More speed, more melody, and more...mood.

The riffs kept coming angrier and faster for the next release in 2011- the 5 song "LUNARTIC" EP...but suddenly a track like Tundra showed up smack in the middle of the madness. A slow melodic dirge without a single distorted guitar. Odd. Then the face smashing started once again to finish the EP.

2012 was a year of promise that barely manifested in the end, with only the privately released "Paying Respect" all covers EP making an appearance as the long awaited second full length CD was beset by delay after delay after delay...

But at last, 2013 saw the release of "A Cold Memory", by far Crossed Streams most cohesive and detailed release in their nearly five year history. Here is the CD that brings it all together- the speed, the rage, the blood. Tracks like "Probably Damned", "Facial Stigmata" and "Thirsty, So Thirsty" throw the gloves off and start swinging. Power...

Fast forward to 2015, April 30th to be exact. What better occasion than Walpurgisnacht to see the release of "Hollow", an eight song basher that is easily their most personal and cathartic effort to date. The depth of emotion found in songs like Cicatrix, Haematoma, The Space Under The Stairs, and the epic final track Heartless Moment is unparalleled in the discography of Crossed Streams, so far...

Oh, in case you were wondering about influences there are way too many to list fully but looking at a mash of bands like Kreator, At The Gates, Slayer, Cradle Of Filth, and even Bauhaus would be a good start...