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Crow Tongue

Crow Tongue began after timeMOTHeye recorded the particularly apocalyptic album, "Hoofbeat, Caw, and Thunder" which found him singing about huge gatherings of crows he took for harbingers of the End Times. Having previously made music with the acid-experimental-folk band Stone Breath, timeMOTHeye was seeking something new. Not a break from what he did before, but something that encompassed more of his influences (which range from Middle Eastern music to reggae to Doom), and represented a sound he has been hearing in his head for many years. The key to this, he knew, was rhythms. At first he experimented with various drum machines and sampled beats, but the final vision became clear with the addition of Æ Hoskin on drums (both kit and hand-drums). Crow Tongue's live sound has been called everything from "a more tribal Neurosis" to "Appalachian doom." The band itself has no name for it - they worship the groove and the low end centered around Hoskin's rhythms and timeMOTHeye's own homemade invention, the guimbri-banjo (a bass-like banjo made to be a more stage-friendly version of the Moroccan guimbri bass lute, played clawhammer style).

Crow Tongue regularly releases more experimental mini-albums in the form of the "ditch mix" 3" CD series. Their first proper album was 2008's "ghost eye seeker," which served as a bridge between the experimental "ditch mix" series and the more song oriented live material. This was followed quickly by "The Red Hand Mark," which represented that heavier live sound, and "Prophecies and Secrets" - a remixed/reimagined experimental dub version of "The Red Hand Mark."