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Cruton Bey


…Cruton Bey started in entertainment working on southern radio stations under the wings of Clyde Pinkney & Sonny DeLoach known as "Sugar Daddy Sonny Honey", he bring a new style to reggae music by using words in his songs to make sure you get the message of what he got to say, he is not afraid to speak the truth no matter who don't like it and his songs reflex how he feel about society and man in flesh, Cruton Bey is French Creole , his mother's Great Gran-mother was Washitaw Moor( Native American/(Asiatic)/ Louisiana) and her Great Gran-Father was French European(white), French West Indies, his father was of French and Moorish descent as well. He was taught his predigree by his father's mother who raised him in the south, and he take his blood line serious, because They who don't know their roots, is like an old dead oak tree, on the banks of a mighty river. All Asiatic skin didn't come to these shores via a slave ship, She taught him to be proud to be Creole, and the blood that run through his veins are the key to the human race, and a blessing from Jah the most High God. He was influenced by his late Great Uncle James DeShay Sr a legendary blues guitarist and singer, who also influenced the late great Howling Wolf and Lil Walter Jacobs, but he knew blues was not their native music but Island music was because of the French West Indies connection through his great great gran-pa. As he got older he became wiser and became influenced by The King of reggae_ Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Bujue Banton, Steel Pulse, Maxi Preist and many more reggae greats who gave him his true roots connections. What our ancestors were, we are today without doubt or contradiction and there is no man in human flesh who is able to change you from your descendant nature of your forefathers, unless their power extend beyond the Most High God. He believe in the five highest principals known to man, which is Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. And he know if the whole world smoke Jah's plant of knowledge, it will be a better place to exist in. He have his own way and style of bringing the message to man, he is not racist and to be that way he would be hateing himself, since he carry the blood of both formulas of the human race in his veins. The things he sing about is real, nothing fake but the real deal. we are crying about the same things today, just like we did 40 yrs ago and will be singing the same tune 40 yrs from now.........1 Love