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Feature Film credit XLR8R Magazine. 1993. Trivia: DJ Demigod's side alt project of 2003....followed by hiatus. OG DJ DEMIGOD website Some RAVES that DJ Demigod has played at over the last two+ decades!!! Facebook Industrial Strength Records (Brooklyn, NY USA) compilations that DJ Demigod has appeared on. A place to find some of DJ Demigods past 12-inch releases...vinyls rules! Freebass MagaZine. DJ Demigod contributor.

DJ Demigod

Dj Demigod, referred to as the "godfather" of hardcore by Urb magazine, established himself as a true pioneer of the hardcore sound by playing at legendary events such as the first Cyberfest, the first Armageddon, and countless others put on by mega-promoters such as Insomniac, CPU101, Coolworld, Technostate, Go Ventures, Skills, Philipsyed, Opium, and Chemically Unbalanced just to name a few. In addition to domestic raves, Dj Demigod has also played abroad at such world famous events and clubs such as the "Bunkor" in Berlin, which was the largest Techno club in all of Europe at the time, the world famous "Eurotech 2000" club in London, and the "Number One" club in Milan, Italy. Dj Demigod also performed at the world’s largest New Years Eve rave of 2002, "Rave Olympia" in Switzerland, put on by the legendary Goliath Events. Dj Demigod has played in Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, and Austria.
Dj Demigod's first 12-inch release, "D-Day," dropped in 1997 on America's oldest hardcore techno record label, New York's Industrial Strength. The record was heralded by some of the top dj's and magazines in the world. The legendary Dj Slipmat in Muzik magazine issue #26, proclaimed that the record was "arranged with total originality." Likewise in issue #22 of Dream Magazine, Dj Scott Brown wrote that this record is "3 tracks of extreme dance till you drop hardcore...Ruff Beats collectors should not miss out."
The following year, Dj Demigod formed System Records, which released the first all hardcore record on the west coast. The 12-inch entitled "Seismic Rumble," came out in January of 1998 and was followed in 1999 by "Scud Attack" and "Urban Equation" in 2000. DJ Demigod implements a revolutionary technique in constructing his songs. His method of song creation involves placing each beat in by hand in real-time with an absolute minimum of computer sequencing assistance. Unlike with most other electronic music producers, common methods such as quantizing and looping are rarely used. The end result is a "stand out" sound previously unheard of in Rave music.
In 2001, Dj Demigod took the position of hardcore editor at Freebass magazine, which runs a monthly nationwide circulation of over fifty thousand. On video you can catch Dj Demigod on the nationally televised "Freak City T.V." (episodes 1,6,9,11) and the Insomniac/Go Ventures "Together As One" documentary. Add to that features in magazines such as Thunder and Insider and websites such as Groovetech and Thump, Dj Demigod remains firmly entrenched in the underground rave scene.
Ever since 1991, Dj Demigod has continued to release mix projects by himself and in collaboration with artists such as Ron D. Core, Rob Gee, Omar Santana, Lenny Dee and more. In 2001, Dj Demigod celebrated his 10th mix-tape release, entitled "United States of Hardcore Volume II."
Recent projects include the third volume of the "United States of Hardcore" which debuted at the "Area 51" Rave massive in S.F.. Also released is a double CD project on N.Y.’s The Music Cartel entitled "Ruff Beats: One Step Back." Dj Demigod showcases a megamix on the first CD while Lenny Dee presents a compilation on the second. Also in release is "Industrial Fucking Strength 4" on Industrial Strength Records. Dj Demigod has the most tracks on the CD out of all the artists represented.
Perhaps the most unique project Dj Demigod has released material on is the cult classic Hollywood film entitled "From Hell" which debuted at #1 on Oct 19th, 2001. This remake of the "Jack the Ripper" story features original beats written and produced by Dj Demigod. The movie stars two of the world's most renowned superstars, Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. Dj Demigod is the first and only Hardcore Dj/Producer to have a music/sound credit in a full length feature film!!
With the best yet to come from this veteran of the hardcore techno and rave movement, you can rest assured that Dj Demigod will continue to bring the future of electronic music to the audience of today, as well as tomorrow.