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DJ Sancho

DJ Sancho has been in the industry of music since 1990. Starting as a drummer at the age of 5, he developed an 'ear' for music. Watching his older cousin play the keyboard, he picked up a few things and ran with what little he new. Soon getting into band at school, DJ Sancho escalated his skills towards real background and theory of music. Being in percussion helped learn what he was doing on the drums and on the keyboard. In his Junior High and High School years, he recieved many awards like: 'The Band Director's Award' in 2002, 2003, and 2004
'Louis Armstrong Award' in 2003 for Jazz All Region
and many other awards of recognition to his talent with percussion and composing music for the entire band. DJ Sancho was also a composer for the band and their 'Stand Tunes' in the stands when there were football games. He made many hit songs into a band arrangement so the band could play them at the games such as: Get Low, So Fresh So Clean, I like the way you move, and many others to bring the games to life.
After High School DJ Sancho decided to sacrifice everything and put all his time and effort into his music career. During his High School years, he made a home studio with cheap equipment and started learning how to use what he had and still make professional sound come out his two dollar speakers. Many family members, friends, and artists started to realize that he was producing professional sound. Even without all the expensive equipment that most producers have, he still managed to produce and record some local artists, and make them sound 'radio quality'. And now being out of High School, DJ Sancho invested in getting some real software and equipment to make his dreams of perfect sound come to life. Very soon after he was connected with long time producer MC MAGIC of the NB Riderz, and sold his first beat to a major artist. Then soon after the purchase, interested listeners made a purchase also, they are the NEW RIDAZ. DJ Sancho decided that he could make a nice living from selling these 'potiential hits' and sold many more beats. Then one day to the next he decided to make an album. "The fans are the listeners.... They want an album... Then I'll do it just for them.." says DJ Sancho at a radio interview in Odessa, TX on B93. Very soon he released "BABY GIRL" as his very first single, and the stations that aired it were blew away at the listener feeback. Being put against mainstream songs from E-40, T-Pain, Bow Wow, and many artists DJ Sancho remained at the number one spot in the southern valley of California for four weeks in 2006. Releasing many more singles now, the moment is finally here, and he thanks everysingle person that gives his music a chance. With new music in process everyday his journey will never end. "Music is forever"~ DJ Sancho