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D.O.M Destruction Of Mankind is created entirely by Dom. Self releasing an eight song EP entitled “Necktie for a Noose”. Dom wrote, self recorded and played drums, guitars, bass as well as sings all songs on the EP. The EP was mixed and mastered at Laughing Dog Studios. Dom’s passion and interest in music began at an early age. He briefly began taking drum lessons at a local school at the age of seven but was unsuccessful in obtaining a drum set of his own until his early teen years. A friend at a local church gave Dom his first drum set. “A ratty old drum set that had shoe strings tying the toms on to the bass drum, rusted legs on the floor toms, a hi hat and one cymbal”. He began to teach himself drums and practice constantly learning songs from his at the time favorite band Guns N Roses. “ I just watched videos of live shows and memorized the beats to every song played by Matt Sorum”. Everything changed when Dom was turned on to the likes of Metallica and the drumming of Lars Ulrich. “They made me want to take my drumming and musical style to a new level, I wanted to learn double bass and have a kit as crazy as the white kit Lars played on”. He then turned his focus to learning as many Metallica songs on drums as he could. “First I got myself a new drum kit, double bass, four toms up top, floor tom and a bunch of cymbals. Then I locked myself in a room for about 9 months watching the Metallica video (a year and a half in the life of Metallica) I memorized every song off that video and nailed every part”. Dom then sought to find a band to play with. “At first I jammed with everyone I could until I found the right fit for me. The first band I hooked up with was (Grey Skies Fallen) then known as (Eve of Mourning), we all went to high school together and jammed a bunch. Their musical style and mine were different so I looked for a different fit, but we did record their first demo together”. He then turned to the local clubs and music stores in search of musicians. That is where at one local show he ran into a childhood hero of his. Twisted Sisters AJ Pero. Dom realized it was time to hone his craft and take some lessons. “I ran into AJ at a local show, Twisted Sister was my favorite band growing up as a kid, we got to talking and asked him if he would give me some lessons, turned out I studied with him for a few months, it was a dream come true at the time and I learned how to play (we’re not gonna take it) on drums from the dude who helped write it”. Dom finally found a band to play with. Hooking up with a band he met through a local music store. “It was that band (Bias) that introduced me to Hardcore music. Jamming with those guys and getting into Pantera got me into mixing Metal and Hardcore. Vinnie Paul became my new Lars. We were a bunch of out of control kids playing the music we loved. We cut a few demos, played a bunch of shows, got radio play and started to live the life you dream of until the singer and guitarists wanted me out due to teenage drama and that was that. It was a great experience and stepping stone that put me on the path to playing music in a band and showed me what it would sort of be like. I should mention that getting into Pantera influenced me a lot”. After that band Dom turned all of his focus on studying drums going for lessons with various drummers. “I got into the great jazz drummer Buddy Rich and realized I needed to learn jazz because it’s the hardest style of drumming to play. I took some lessons at a local drum shop with this dude Joe. Through that store I met the best drummer I have ever seen. A pro studio drummer named Frank Bellucci the guy did it all. Played all styles, went from left to right, right to left, he really opened my eyes to what being a drummer was all about. He was amazing and had beast chops. He could do anything on a kit and made me want to as well”. During that time of taking lessons was when Dom briefly hooked back up with (Grey Skies Fallen) to record their first demo. It was during that studio session he met a drummer named Rick Cash who also studied with a jazz legend that played with Benny Goodman and was involved with Modern Drummer Magazine named Charlie Perry. “I had just got into learning all I could about jazz drumming. I was turned on to the likes of Buddy Rich. Anyone who knows drumming knows him, he was the best drummer ever in many people’s opinion. Buddy is an all out monster on drums. As soon as I heard him I just needed to know what he was doing. I pursued jazz drumming as much as I could. I studied with Rick and Charlie for the summer and got as much info as I could”. Dom spent some time not playing with a band. He took some lessons and focused on drumming as a whole. He got a job in the city and built up his drum kit as well as took lessons from a local jazz drummer named John Soracco. “John was a cool guy who knew a lot about jazz drumming and had a good lesson routine so I studied with him for a while”. After not being in a band for a while and re tooled with a built up kit and some training under his belt the interest in jazz drumming faded some and the itch of playing Metal and Hardcore came rushing back. Dom began to jam with local musicians until he found guys to build a band with. That’s when Dom started the band (Patience) and looked to succeed in music. “There’s a lot I can say about being in that band. I trimmed down on the size of my kit. We cut a 4 song demo and a 7 song EP. We played a bunch of shows, we sold merch, had radio play on WSOU 89.5 etc. and even opened for Biohazard. All I can say about that band is that in the long run we had bad chemistry between all of us as people. That band taught me what not to do as a musician. In the end it was clear our goals were not on the same page”. After Patience Dom had lost a lot of his passion for music and quit playing in bands for two years. “I just kept to myself and played drums”. With friends around him in shock that Dom had almost all together quit playing, one friend knew how to get Dom back on the horse. “My boy Jay took me to a Metallica show at Giants Stadium. At that show I realized that I needed to get back to work”. Rejuvenated Dom sought to go after his dream once again but he knew that he had to change his approach. He was very frustrated with finding musicians to start a band with. “Anyone who plays, knows how hard it is to keep a band together. I just did not want to do it again the same way that failed me before”. Dom looked to start something unique and solid that he could rely on. Having an epiphany, Dom got the idea to record an album and develop a band. “I figured if I wrote it, recorded it and played it then all I would need is guys to come in and play it live. As long as I’m doing it there’s a band regardless of who’s in or who’s out”. It was in the summer of 2003 right after the Metallica show that Dom uttered a phrase that would change his life. “It was a Monday night and I was watching wrestling, a commercial for Wrestlemania 20 came on and the commercial oddly enough inspired me. So I said some tongue in cheek sort of thing. If I can get tickets and go to Wrestlemania 20. I’ll build a studio and record an album. I figured odds were that I couldn’t but it turned out I could, so I kept the promise to myself”. In January of 2004 Dom set out to do something different. He began to buy equipment, guitars, bass, a new drum kit, a mixing board, mics and everything else you would need to record an album. “I had picked up on some guitar over the years and was still killing it on drums. I actually wrote my first song around that time (Preeminent)”. From January until May, Dom bought everything he needed to record. He renovated his studio room in his basement with the help of his friend Steve, who helped him build the room years earlier. Dom spent the year buying equipment and learning how to use it all. Dom taught himself how to record himself, write songs and begin to put an album together. Just getting started and feeling inspired it was in December of 2004 that Metal lost a great hero in Dimebag Darrell. “That really hurt so many people especially his family and friends. I was in total shock Damageplan was really inspiring me at the time. It was so great to see Vinnie and Dime shredding again. I felt like crap about the whole thing and felt like a fire was lit under my butt. I needed to get going and really do this, we were all robbed”. Dom’s blue goatee can be attributed to the inspiration of Dimebag Darrell. He dyes his goatee in tribute to Dime and chooses the color blue for two reasons. Number one is that as he says “the world went blue when we lost dime” and number two is that blue is his favorite color. In early 2005 was when Dom consulted with Bill Donnelly at Laughing Dog Studios to get a basic setting to begin to record. Dom then spent the next few years in his studio writing and recording the songs for his album. “It took me from early 2005 until late 2007 to finish the music. I wrestled with myself for a month or so about whether to put eight or ten songs on it. I had the songs written. The last two songs are really crazy. I felt like I had a solid eight and would benefit from saving the last two until I was in a better situation to record them. I was comfortable with the eight I had. At the start of 2008 I sat down to record the vocals for all the songs”. Dom recorded the vocals for the songs from January until March and got into Laughing Dog Studios in April of 2008 to mix the album. It took from April 2008 until January of 2009 to finish the mix and mastering. In January of 2009 Dom’s vision was nearly complete. “ It was great to finally be done with the project. I know how hard it is for bands to put out quality music. I was not trying to be Metallica or Pantera. I was not trying to emulate anyone. I just wanted to be me. I am a self taught musician for the most part. That being said I knew I had enough talent to pull it all off. I am not trying to copy anyone. I am thankful with my talent just being myself and knowing what I am capable of playing. I am very comfortable on drums and know I can play guitar and bass well, along with screaming my head off and bringing a unique approach to the vocals. I have the utmost respect for really well studied musicians that shred their prospective instruments. I’m glad that I can bring some level of shredding to all phases of my music”. Having to get together more money to press the album, it took Dom until July of 2009 to send the album to press. D.O.M Destruction Of Mankind “Necktie for a Noose” was released in August of 2009. Until it was pressed, Dom took to various social networking sites. He sent out demo copies to prospective fans all over the world, in order to gain feedback on the music. Over the course of the project is where the entire concept of the album artwork, name, as well as the use of sampling throughout the EP come from. “My interest in politics and world events is where the album art and title come from. It is vital that all government and world leaders are held to a high standard for doing what is right. Corruption and needless selfishness cannot be tolerated. Nor can the needless persecution of the innocents by considered elites be allowed. We must not be confused by conspiracy theories. But rather made whole by cracking a conspiracy and seeking the facts. The reason why I chose to use various samples is to bring a unique approach to the musical experience for the listener. As well as help the listener understand the songs and complete the message on the album”. With the assistance from his friend Justin Anderson to finalize the artwork along with help from Bill Donnelly to find a place to press the album. It was in August of 2009 Dom’s vision was finally complete. Having brought together a Demo EP Album fully pressed and ready for self release. Family obligation kept Dom from devoting any more time to the project until the beginning of 2010. The beginning of 2010 was met with promise having the album in hand Dom along with Bill’s help, sent press kits out to labels with no avail. “We got back one letter from a label that liked the music but did not want to work with a solo artist”. Unwavering Dom continued to send out copies to reviewers, radio stations and labels throughout all of 2010. “I got some good reviews and some bad, the airplay was and is very strong in parts of the world both on radio and the internet. The labels all together were about 30 that got press kits, one replied. Countless links were sent out to labels most stating that I needed a band in order for them to be interested”. Dom also spent the year getting up on all social networks. Using every possible internet outlet and making his album available on all major digital distribution websites I tunes, Amazon, to name a few. The album can even be ordered in stores with the use of the bar code. “It’s great to have built this the way I have. The general message I get from labels is get a band together. It’s too bad I can’t find a label that is interested in building the band with me as well as recording more music. I would like to find a label to build the band around me and work with me in the studio taking the music to an insane level. I will move forward in every means possible in order to succeed and do what I must do to achieve my goal”. Now in 2011 Dom has finally launched his official website and is looking for band members. All Dom needs is, dedicated band members, playing shows, a label who believes in him and touring to bring the music to the masses.