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Daniel Lantz Trio

Swedish piano player Daniel Lantz started his trio in 1999 as a vehicle for playing mainstream and cross-over jazz at corporate events, but over time the trio evolved into a group to be featured in an increasing number of high profile public venues, featuring prominent Swedish guest jazz soloists such as Bosse Broberg, Roland Keijser, Lennart Åberg and Staffan Hallgren. With studies in Germany, the UK and Sweden behind him and musical roots in genres as diverse as jazz, classical, folk music, funk and pop, Lantz developed a vast range in his musical expression, maintaining influences of jazz pianists of the 60s, like Bill Evans, Ahmad Jamal and Bobby Timmons. Over the years he performed with the top-most elite of Sweden’s jazz musicians as a freelance artist, and, whilst residing in the UK, played with select British musicians like drummer Spike Wells, singer Matty Eeles and Swedish-born trumpetist Kjell Berglund. Alongside his live performance, he today functions as an arranger, composer and producer for himself and other artists, and cultivates his piano trio and vintage funk group Beat Funktion.

Bass player Erik Ojala, who was part of Daniel Lantz Trio already in 1999, studied music at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, US, where he underwent tutorship from bass giant Marc Johnson. Ojala’s big sound, rhythmic drive and soloistic brilliance makes him the perfect musical engine for the trio. Drummer Daniel Olsson, trained at the Gothenburg Conservatory of Music and much sought-after for his musical adaptability, versatility and rhythmic imagination, has been a steady member since 2001. Olsson’s tasteful drumming enables the trio to explore various styles of music effortlessly.

Daniel Lantz Trio fuses the traditionally ‘American’ jazz ingredients of blues and bebop with distinctly Nordic romanticism, sprung from Scandinavian folk music as well as European classical music. The trio has always enjoyed working with other soloists. In 2007, they celebrated their successful teamwork with renowned Swedish bebop flautist Staffan Hallgren by releasing their debut-CD On The Tiles, featuring a wide range of jazz styles, and standards as well as originals. This album was succeeded in 2008 by Remember When, where the trio performs Lantz’ original compositions. This album includes a meeting between folk violinists Erika Lindgren and Mia Jones and Indian tabla player Suranjana Ghosh, as they cross paths with the trio for a cross-cultural musical fusion between trio jazz, Swedish folk music and Indian raga.

For their third album Plays Bond in 2012, the year of James Bond’s 50th Anniversary on the big screen, Daniel Lantz Trio has assembled a new team of collaborators, South African vocalist Sani Gamedze and Swedish reed player Roger Nordling, to present their own jazzy takes on the film music of James Bond.

To this day, Daniel Lantz Trio keeps alternating between performing at public concerts and at corporate events, either as a trio or with guest performers.

Swedish piano player Daniel Lantz was born 1976 and is today active as a freelance musician, composer and arranger. With studies in Germany, the UK and Sweden behind him and musical roots in genres as diverse as jazz, classical, folk music and pop he has developed a vast range in his musical expression. Over the years he has performed with the elite of Sweden's jazz musicians as a freelance artist, for example Lennart Åberg, Bosse Broberg, Karl-Martin Almqvist, Roland Keijser and Claes Janson, and played with top-notch British musicians like drummer Spike Wells, singer Matty Eeles and Swedish-born trumpet player Kjell Åke Berglund whilst living in the UK. Alongside his live performance in Scandinavia, Europe and overseas, he composes music for orchestra, choir, film and the theatre.

Although he performs in a number of constellations of various genres, the main vehicle for his compositions and arrangements is his own acoustic piano trio, Daniel Lantz Trio. The trio, above all devoted to jazz and jazz-related genres, has lately developed a sound of its own and concentrated on Daniel Lantz’ original material, much of which explores a variety of genres like pop, folk music, film music, classical music, funk and Latin American strands. Daniel Lantz lives with his family in Uppsala, Sweden, just north of Stockholm.

Musicians that Daniel Lantz performs/has performed with include:

IN SWEDEN: Staffan Hallgren [flute], Roland Keijser [saxophone], Bosse Broberg [trumpet], Olle Thunström [saxophone], Daniel Olsson [drums], Mattias Åström [bass], Curt Andersson [bass], Gus Dahlberg [drums], Lennart Åberg [saxophone], Claes Janson [vocals], Bertil Fernqvist [guitar], Sharon Dyall [vocals], LaGaylia Frazier [vocals], Kari Sjöstrand [saxophone], Carin Lundin [vocals], Anita Söderberg [vocals], Emily McEwan [vocals], Marcus Sundbom [saxophone], Peter Lind [trumpet], Karl-Martin Almqvist [saxophone], Niklas Fernqvist [bass], Karl Olandersson [trumpet], Kenji Rabson [bass], Dicken Hedrenius [trombone], Ulf Johansson Werre [trombone], Erik Ojala [bass], Roger Nordling [saxophone], Ali Djeridi [drums], Anna Einarsson [vocals], Susanne Ottebring [vocals], Moa Killander [vocals], Viktoria Colonna [vocals], Ambjörn Hugardt [bass], Anders Gahnold [saxophone], Carlos de Rada [bass], Johan Ståhlgren [drums], Johan Timan [bass], Karina Kampe [vocals], Per V Johansson [bass], Nils Hübinette [bass], Mia Jones [violin], Erika Lindgren [violin], Enora Vocal Quartet [vocals].

OVERSEAS: Kjell Åke Berglund [trumpet], Ralph Erle [drums], James Treasure [bass], Richard Borkum [bass], Matty Eeles [vocals], Alex Eberhard [drums], Simon Savage [saxophone], Joe Robinson [saxophone], Paul Wheton [bass], Spike Wells [drums], Suranjana Ghosh [tabla].