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"Daniel Ouellette" "Shobijin" "Enchantment" "Pencil"

Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin

.... .. A little odd? A little quirky? Always fun! Electro-popact Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin have been delighting audiences throught the Northeast for several years and are set to release their second CD entitled "THE ENCHANTMENT! (Songs to sing whilst you sharpen your pencil) on Meannie Jeannie Records. Their stage show consists of Pop concert and performance art with video, slides and interaction with the crowd. Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin selected by The Noise Magazine's Tony Mellor in Top 10 Favorite Bands of 2011

Here are some quotes from the Press: ...... "Ah, finally something that's not taking itself too seriously, not boring and predictable, that doesn't sound like it's made for WXRV's playlist...vocals and pretentious use of French, Spanish, and I-think-it's-Yiddish lyrics actually won me over. Congratulations, Daniel. (Tony Mellor)" (The Noise, July 2010) .... "Ouellette's curious operatic delivery heard on his previous works is still intact here, blended with simultaneously eerie and catchy synths - "Je Suis Ton Vampire" is the highlight here, a sort of slow-mo soundscape peppered with trippiness and an icy chill. Very much recommended!" (A Future in Noise, April 2010) ....Daniel awarded a halo for Best of 2009 by the editors of Northampton's The Valley Advocate .... "To witness his campy, playful style while his music derails expectations is to arrive at an interesting conclusion: he may be the Orson Welles and the Ed Wood of electronic music. Should you laugh? Cry? Worry? Who knows? It's a remarkable accomplishment." .... "He's definitely onto something. If aliens walk among us, I'm betting they're named Ouellette. And I, for one, intend to buy all their albums." (The Valley Advocate, December 2009) .. .."…an especially bizarre case of one man's vision turning into sound with almost no filter in between." (Northeast Performer, July 2008) .... "Ouellette's style blends high drama and deadpan quirkiness (imagine Klaus Nomi covering The B-52's)." (Bay Windows, March 2008) .... "...mixes industrial beats and smooth lyrics with electronic noise and a bit of funk. A good choice for house music or a techno party, ... is a relentless driving force with haunting words that don't let up." (Southcoast 24/7, December 2008) .... " experimental, fun, and a little bit mysterious...It is not surprising that Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, and Laurie Anderson are amongst his influences, all artists affiliated with the experimental and avant-garde." (A Future in Noise, January 2009) ....