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Daniele Liverotti

Born on 12th March, 1986, in Civitanova Marche (MC), Italy. He has loved music since he was little, and at 5 he starts playing the piano; at the age of 8, encouraged by his parents, he makes his début in a local show, coming second. From that day on, Daniele takes part in several musical contests, mainly regional competitions, and he succeeds in winning many of them when he's 12 years old.
In this period he begins his first attempts in musical composition, by which he's very much fascinated; his first tracks aren't really accomplished and skillful yet, but Daniele believes in his talent and at the age of 14 he sings a song of his own, Non Andar Via (Don't Go Away), in Fiuggi's Star Sprint Festival (year 2000), where he is placed fifth. The year 2000 is particularly important because Daniele enters the Secondary School (Liceo Socio-Psico-Pedagogico), which takes up all his time: for this reason, he is compelled to neglect the study of the piano, though he'll never give it up for real.
In 2004 he performs in San Marino's Festival, and is able to enter one of the most renowned summer stages, the i-tim tour. Then, he's in Sanremo, attending the 'Accademia della Canzone'.
In 2006 he takes part in the national contest Musica Controcorrente, an award for composers, and he is among the twenty finalists with his song Minerva e Afrodite (Minerva and Aphrodite), an ironical ballad about how much difficult it is to find a woman who is intelligent and beautiful at the same time.
In 2007 he is one of the 13 Italian finalists at the "Poggio Bustone Award" for composers dedicated to Lucio Battisti.
In 2010 he implements a new album, called “Itineario” (itinerary).
In 2012 he is one of the 20 Italians finalists at the “Biella Festival” for Songwriters.