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Dann Glenn

A Whisper in the Wilderness...

In the field of music it might be a safe bet to say that less than .001% of 1% of what peeks above the drivel, works its way through the clouds of static and media regurgitation, is ideologically loud enough, unique enough and, Universe help us, REAL enough to survive. Perhaps on that level people of this order might in fact be considered ‘genius,’ or at least braver than hell! Oh, to not be common! No small accomplishment.

A small voice in my own personal consciousness has been hollering at me for some time now, demanding that I get fully behind the idea that this man Dann Glenn, really could be the Genuine Article. Nothing he has ever done is by halves.

Whether as the author of his mind-wrenching book ‘Almost a Proverb’ and his soon to be released second time in the verbal pool, ‘For Reasons Still Obscure’, he will change the way you perceive what passes for reality. I have read the first chapters of his newest venture and promise you that if you are an adrenaline junkie, this is a ride like no other. It is like standing tippy-toes on a cliff and realizing your shoe lace is untied, a bee has landed on your nose and crap, now of all times, your long-promised 60’s acid flashback has just kicked in. Into the rabbit hole, ready or not!

There are his multiple modern day Masterpiece Symphonies, and his virtuosic playing with the Eleven Eleven Orchestra, including the incomparable fretless bassist Baba Elefante and renowned drummer Ronnie Ciago…not to mention the musically peerless jazz legend, Jeff Berlin.

Every conversation I have had with Dann over the years has left me feeling a rush of clarity for days afterwards. Verbal roller coaster rides with this Artist open up vistas and levels of thought and awareness that I have not found elsewhere. I have come to believe you must have guts to take the ride. Now I can’t say for sure if all of this harkens after the term of ‘genius’, but if it doesn’t, it is close enough for me. Hey wait a sec, I think my shoe lace is untied…!

-Warren Murchie/Dietikon Switzerland