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Danniel Oickle

Born into the glitz and glamour of the 80s, but coming of age in a staunchly religious household, Danniel has a unique sensitivity for the intricacies of music. Armed with his audacious creativity and unmistakable powerhouse vocals, Danniel is gaining a reputation as an “electro-poet." His new release, "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge," is being praised as a blistering ballad of sexual awakening and prowess, and remarkably Danniel's most accessible release to date. Dynamic controlled vocals drive the pulsing beat, pulling the listener to the final electrically charged climax. This marks a new musical provocation for an artist that refuses to be ignored. [Danniel's previously released twin albums "The Corruption of Flesh" - EP (2011) and “Poison Apples & Other Delicacies” (2011) are a culmination of tactile beats, thought provoking lyrics, and intense performances highlighting the theatrical style of his music.]

Being born into a creative family, Danniel learned to celebrate his artistic nature. He began artistic training at the age of 5, with the techniques of classic sketching. It was through this medium that he learned to manipulate the power of light and dark. It was also at this age that Danniel began musical training in the piano, the violin, and voice. At the age of 11, Danniel moved to sculpture and tangible art, working in clay, metal, and fabrics. Though he was expanding his techniques, he continued his classic training under the well-known Nova Scotia artist Francis Israel. At the age of 13, he sold his first piece and started writing. His first play, titled “The Hiding Place,” would be produced two years later and his performance career began. During his teenage years, he would hone his musical skills; having quit the violin, Danniel was able to devote more attention to his vocal training. At the age of 21, he expanded from theatre to film with his first production, the documentary vignette titled: “Silence.” By the age of 22, Danniel would be performing live in “Hair” and would later move on to The Who’s “Tommy.” Having danced with both Wexford Dance and “In the Company of Grace,” and having choreographed with the latter, Danniel was asked to choreograph the sell-out smash hit “Evil Dead: The Musical” in 2009. After years of studying music, he began recording his own original musical compositions. Armed with the help of his MacBook, a grand piano, and his unmistakable voice, Danniel has completed a collection of strikingly original music. His music is instantly recognizable, melodically pleasing, and slightly avant garde. The dark melodies and haunting performances play alongside slick production and electro-pop beats. Many of the songs on his first two albums are based on poems from Danniel’s audacious and well received 2010 book (which rose to #4 in Canada), “Dancing in Silence.” In 2012, Danniel followed up with a dense and lyrical second book, "My Heart Has Teeth," which is quickly becoming known as heresy for a new generation. Having spanned the artistic gap, Danniel Oickle continues to express himself and comment on the world around him.

Praise for Danniel Oickle:

“Une nouvelle génération d'artistes.” - Bruno Julien (RG Magazine)

“Oickle does not appear as if he is about to slow down.” - Katherine Ellis (Bohemia Magazine)

“Oickle has devoted himself to making an album that is packed with religious, sexual and psychological themes that rarely get the danceable beat treatment of songs like his ‘Caring & Hate.’ ” - Boisin Murphy (2B Magazine)

“Provides an amazing new sound.” - Piro Dhimitri (CSCR Fusion Radio)

"With reactions that range from deeply moving to gallingly uncomfortable, Oickle has the ability to reach listeners on a very personal level. Most people agree that the ability to deeply affect an audience's emotions is a rare talent." - Ashley McConnell (Guerrilla Magazine)

“Lyrically complex electro with spoken word and cabaret elements.” - CHUO 89.1 fm

“Électro-Poétique” - Jordan Arseneault (Etre Magazine)

“This album has a soaring electronic feel to it. The voice echoes a trained power. The lyrics reflect the courage of an old soul. ” - Olex Pruchnicky (iTunes Review)

"Conscientious, focused, and gifted." - Pat Croteau (Capital Xtra)

Danniel Oickle “is a consummate painter” and “was chosen as one of the 150 artists for the 2005 Canadian Tulip Festival and was one of 3 artists to represent Canada” at the 2009 NATO Bazaar in Brussels, Belgium. - Capital Style Magazine, Summer 2010
"Oickle does not appear as if he is about to slow down.” - Katherine Ellis - Bohemia Magazine