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Dash D.U.B.

Corey Whitmore better known as C-Dub or Dash D.U.B. is an American hip hop recording artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who is in addition to being a solo artist, is the founder, owner, and member of the Milwaukee based independent record label Duce Duce Entertainment. His most commercially successful single is the song “Take It Off”, from his Black Heart 2 project.

Born in Harrisburg,‭ ‬PA,‭ ‬Dash has lived up and down the east coast and in the Midwest,‭ ‬in Maine,‭ ‬Maryland,‭ ‬Illinois and Madison,‭ ‬Wisconsin before starting his music career in Milwaukee,‭ ‬WI.‭ ‬While attending college at Marquette University,‭ ‬Dash D.U.B was an intern at a local independent record label called BNN.‭ ‬After gaining experience there,‭ ‬he decided to officially start his own record label called Duce Duce Entertainment in year of‭ ‬2005.‭ ‬The first studio Duce Duce Entertainment operated out of was located near the corner of‭ ‬22nd and Wells in Milwaukee,‭ ‬hence the name Duce Duce‭!!

Dash D.U.B. cites he has been heavily influenced by artists like AZ,‭ ‬Jadakiss,‭ Styles P, ‬Prodigy of Mobb Deep,‭ ‬Nas,‭ ‬Joe Budden and a number of old school R&B artists and groups like New Edition, Jodeci, and Silk to name a few.‭ ‬Though, NO artist has had a greater impact on Dash’s music then his favorite emcee of all time,‭ ‬Tupac Shakur.‭ “‬Pac is truly an inspiration to me.‭ ‬He is by far my favorite artist of all time.‭ ‬If a song can give you a particular feeling whether it is‭ ‬good,‭ ‬bad,‭ ‬happy,‭ ‬and/or sad,‭ ‬then I feel it’s a good song.‭ ‬ That means‭ ‬it reached out and touched you.‭ ‬And in my opinion that is what‭ ‬good music is suppose to do‭!!"

Ever since Dash was young he always had a passion for writing.‭ ‬Dash wrote short stories as a child and as he grew up he began to write poetry.‭ ‬He even had a poem published while in college.‭ ‬He later turned his passion of writing poetry and into writing passionate lyrics about what people feel and experience in everyday life.‭

Dash enjoys making music that his listeners can identify with.‭ ‬His style and delivery is reminiscent of rap/hip hop artists from the mid to late‭ ‬90‭’‬s.‭ ‬Dash cleverly mixes that golden era rap and delivery style with a more contemporary sound that creates an intriguing combination that audience’s young and old find appealing and unique.

Currently,‭ ‬Dash D.U.B. is helping a new generation of Duce Duce artists,‭ Gino, ‬ Hood Prophets, Victor Stoniallo/Young Martyr, Celebur’d, and EL find their voice and place in the music industry.‭ ‬Though,‭ ‬Dash has not lost sight of his own message and passion to share heart felt music with his audience.‭ ‬He is currently working on a follow up to the popular and well received Black Heart 2 project.‭ ‬Dash will continue to strive to put everyone in Duce Duce and their affiliates on the map as a force to be reckoned with.‭ ‬He will also continue to share his poetry in lyrics,‭ ‬as he says in the song‭ “‬Thou Shalt Not Fall‭”‬,‭ “‬Let me words be legendary like folklore pass through the generations,‭ ‬let my words soar.‭”


-‭ ‬Mixtapes/Albums/Eps
2008: Dash Administration:‭ ‬First Term
2009: ‭ ‬Dash Administration:‭ ‬Second Term
2010: Black Heart Mixtape Volume‭ ‬1
2012: Black Heart 2
2012: Dash Administration: 3rd Term (digital only)
2013: Black Heart 3 (part 1)
2014: Black Heart 3 (part 2)