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Dave Painchaud

When asked to describe his debut album, “Tales Told And Journeys Imagined”, composer, producer and trumpeter Dave Painchaud is quick to reply with a grin, “Well, Miles Davis, Brian Eno and Daft Punk held a conspiratorial meeting aboard my time machine/trans-dimensional spacecraft while I furiously took notes. I did my best to get down what they were discussing, but it was all happening terribly fast and I’m sure I left some things out. Anyway, my project is an attempt to realize what they discussed.” They must have discussed mashing idioms like mad as this recording covers a lot of ground while staying generally within the electronic realm.

Why go in this direction? “Because the magic can be anywhere, and we’re at a point culturally where we’re tired and dismissive of genre. Passion – the ability to distract and transport – that’s all we really need and we’re perfectly capable of jumping around a bit stylistically. In fact, I think it keeps our interest up.”

It’s an atypical destination for a trumpet player who grew up on the coast of Maine, spent his youth obsessed with jazz and classical music, cut his teeth at Berklee and moved to New York to play every kind of gig imaginable. Jazz in the village, horn sections, drum corps, pop, rock, funk, street music, high end stuff and gigs to keep your chops up – out of the chaos of the freelancer a deep impression was formed that the contemporary listener could travel to these musical locales and dig the width and breadth of them all while also appreciating their interconnectedness just as he had. The result is a recording that leans heavily on jazz and retro-fusion, tilts into minimal and ambient pieces and plays a bit with avant-garde and orchestral moments yet still sounds like one album and the work of a single musical mind.