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David Thacker & Roger Hooper

David Thacker was born and raised in Roanoke, VA. At an early age, as youngest of three, he showed strong interest in music, in particular, the violin.
Upon graduating from James Madison University, he proceeded to one of America's prestigious music conservatories - Peabody. Upon graduation he spent several years in Washington, D.C. volunteering to an international group whose main identity is the organizational support of The President's National Prayer Breakfast, an annual event sponsored by the Congress of the United States, since 1956.

It was here that he met his wife. They married. In order to finance this major transaction, they moved back to his hometown. With hard, patient work he built a major music school - the largest in Roanoke. Reaching out to the children of many schools in the broader area, he attracted other qualified teachers to assist in teaching the ever-growing enrollment. With 22 teachers, and scores of students it was a good success.
Then calamity struck soon after the birth of their 4th child. A shoulder impingement syndrome. He could no longer play nor teach. Seeing multiple medical professionals he finally accepted that his livelihood was finished. A terrible realization.

A friend suggested he come to D.C. and offered to help him start over. It meant an entirely new career in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. The job? The financial industry - hardly related to the violin, his first love.
Out of necessity, he reluctantly moved his little family to Washington. He began the arduous work of first learning something about the financial markets and secondly then finding a market for his products. Sitting in school lounges, day after day, over the lunch hour, he hoped to meet the school teachers ( "his market" he was told) and present himself as a reliable, responsible financial advisor.
The disciplines of attaining musical excellence apparently were a transferable concept. By sheer determination and discipline he did in fact establish a significant clientele.

Time passed. Business increased. Encouraged by this, he begin to try and play the violin again, very sparingly and sporadically. He learned with professional help what muscles had to be stretched each time to make this at all possible. He began to recover his skills as long as he did not overdo his playing and always the incessant stretching. He was on his way again with his violin. He had always hoped one day to be able to produce a CD.
But it was not meant to be - - - yet.

An accidental fall separated his shoulder, and thus postponed the project yet another year. Shingles was next. For many months his violin once again was on hold. This was followed by the shocking loss of focus in one eye and continues to this day. His dream to produce a CD now seemed impossible.
But David encouraged by his wife and children, pushed on and through it, all the while maintaining his financial duties to his many clients.
Still with lingering remnants of the blurred sight, and the constant attention to his shoulder, he met the friend that he thought would do justice to his musical dream - Roger Hooper, a very talented pianist, composer.
Both men, with already busy lives, began the process (about three more years) of writing, arranging, rehearsing, and recording. So at last David's dream became a reality.

What a testimony, and inspiration to persistence, to overcoming handicap and adversity if something is important to us. He has produced a absolutely wonderful product - especially suited for this day and age of dissonance, musical noise, and the slow but persistent loss of the great hymns of the Faith.


Richard Robarts
Father of the Bride