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Davis Tucker

This Cd, "Gospel Truth", is my third, solo endeavor and I feel some of my best work. It has been six years in the making and truly a pleasure to produce. My music consists of a variety of styles. From Bluegrass to Blues, Country to Folk, Jam Band to Jazz and Rock to Gospel. I've always enjoyed different styles, and try to write in as many as possible. This Cd displays that versatility in a very heartfelt manner. The songs are inspirational with strong story background; some I lived through, and others were told to me by family and friends. "Gospel Truth" does live up to its name in so many ways.

My musical career started when I was eight years old and saw Don Rich playing guitar, and singing harmony behind Buck Owens on TV. I was seven at the time and told my father "that's what I want to do". On my eighth birthday I received my first guitar. It was an inexpensive Kay acoustic, but to me it was the best guitar in the world. I banged around on it for several years until I finally started to learn a few chords and licks. No hot licks at that time, I was trying to get through the blisters on my finger tips and praying for calluses. I would listen to old LP's and try to learn the chords an licks, nearly driving
my parents to insanity, but we all endured.

My Uncle Enoch used to play guitar when he was in the Army. When he heard that I was interested, he began teaching me a few chords and licks. He made me a promise, once I learned to play the "Wildwood Flower", all the way through, with out making a mistake, he would give me his Silvertone electric guitar with the amp built into the case. I practiced and practiced until I could play it like a pro. The next time I saw him I won that bet. Later, someone stole the guitar, my Uncle, many years later, died of cancer. I always honor him with a song I wrote about the story, titled, "Silvertone Memories". That was the title song of my first Cd.

From that time, I have played on and off professionally, for over 40 years. In that time, I became interested in song writing with the help of a friend, Byron Hill. Byron is now a big songwriter in Nashville, and I will always credit him for helping me to learn the craft of song writing. I haven't written as many as he has, or had any #1 hits, but I dearly love the art of song writing.

My late son, Joey Tucker, was another inspiration in my musical career. He died at the young age of 18, but in that short time he had learned to play excellent guitar, and had started to write a lot of his own music. He and I played together up until the night he died. He left behind enough tracks to produce a Cd of his own. His mother and I are working on finishing the project, and getting it ready to sell. The money will go to one of his, and our favorite charities. We hope to have it out later this year.

I have had a lot of great years as a musician, and hope for many more. I've graced the stage the Marshall Tucker Band, the Toy Caldwell Band, Mike Cross, the Carter Brothers Band and Nantucket to mention a few. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways, and I have dedicated this Cd and my life to His service.