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d'Cana - Earthtone

d'Cana is a world inspired music ensemble that fuses together the depth and exploration of Modern Jazz with the energy, playfulness, and strong rhythmic foundation of Traditional World genres.

Karen Porkka – voice, soprano saxophone, harmonium, melodica, rain stick

George Koufogiannakis – oud, guitar, bouzouki, guitar synth, fretless guitar, banjo

John Neelin – drumset, frame drums, doumbek, congas, bongos, djembe, timbales, tabla, cajon, shakers and bells, palmas

Ron Ceilin – fretless and fretted bass, clave


This debut CD release from d’Cana features original compositions inspired by the exploration and light-hearted interplay of modern Jazz intertwined with the rhythmic intensity and playfulness of traditional World genres. ‘Our goal is to write and arrange music that opens the ears of our audience and widens the perspective of what it means to perform improvised Jazz and World music. We strive to explore and bring together the sounds of both the traditional and the modern in the use of traditional ethnic instruments as well as utilizing modern electronics; and in the combination of traditional melodies and rhythms of the old world with modern harmonic and musical forms.’ This release attempts to highlight the wonderful ethnic and musical diversity of our country and bring these communities together, both in song and in spirit.


The four members of this ensemble all bring with them decades of musical experiences that span the globe and cross a huge spectrum of musical genres. All four members began their musical journey in Alberta, Canada, with three of the musicians creating music together as early as the age of 12.

Over the last few years, members of this ensemble have:

- performed with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra (New Zealand), BEAMS, Mile Zero Dance, The Shumka Dancers, Maritime Jazz Orchestra, CalArts African and Percussion Ensembles, Southern Lights Jazz Choir (New Zealand), and the LCM Large Latin Ensemble (United Kingdom), with special guest artists such as Ben Vereen, Lenny Pickett, Rajaton, Steven Reineke, Randy Brecker, and The Canadian Tenors.

- performed at Jazz Music Festivals across Canada, and appearances at JunoFest Canada, UNIFEST Music Festival, South Country Fair, Saskatoon Centennial Celebration Drum Festival, Edmonton Fringe Festival, Christchurch International Jazz Festival, and Ukrainian Music Festivals across Western Canada.

- been nominated for World Recording of the Year at the 2010 “Western Canadian Music Awards”, nominated for World Solo Artist of the Year at the 2009 “Canadian Folk Music Awards”, were semi-finalists in the 2010 “International Songwriting Competition” - Jazz Category, and were co-winners of the “Dig Your Roots – Creative Jazz” cross-Canada project.

- participated in “All the Way In” with Rhiannon; a vocal improvisation workshop with one of the vocal improvisation masters and 16 singers from around the world, Bobby McFerrin's Vocal Improvisation workshop, and the Banff Centre Vocal Jazz program with Sheila Jordan and Jay Clayton.

- been featured artist on, on Diane Donovan’s “Voices in Jazz”, and on internet music station “Radio Art”, based in Athens, Greece.