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Dead Original

"Dead Original" is a project started by singer/songwriter PaulE pronounced Paully. This Chicago based rocker combines a 90's feel with a modern direction in mind. Raised on music and bands like Nirvana and The Beatles there's no wonder to his passion over precision songwriting technique. Intentionally this songwriter records with a grunge attitude, a little flat here and a little sharp there.

Experimental writer Paul E writes during his daily ups and downs in life. Each song in the playlist offers a different feel, different vibe and style; and it' clear that he writes with true emotion. Once focused on mastering an instrument of drums, he later realized his true emotional expression of writing his own music because it's on his own terms.

Dig in and get in to this guys music, it's real, it's tragic, and it's fun. Fan him and send him a message!

An album entitled Altered Persona will be released sometime in 2012. All of the songs in the playlist are demo tracks, expect fully produced versions when the album is released.
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Who is PaulE?

Paul E is a fan of rock, a fan of love, a fan of passion, a fan of the truth, and a firm believer of the concept of living your life out to the fullest degree. Life is too short to just walk around and be stern, rise up; be yourself. Be who you truly are! Be what you wanna be. This is what Paul is trying to do, one song at a time.

Paul got his start in the music industry as a professional drummer most recently he returned from the road with the Smashing Pumpkins as drummer for Kill Hannah. He often says that drumming is his life but singing and songwriting has become a whole new and different outlet. Visit for more news about his drumming.

Why does PaulE write music?

It's his drug.

"Whenever I'm down or sad, I just grab a guitar and sing a melodic idea until a song is born and for some reason I feel lifted and fully elevated to function as a normal human being again. It's like the first feeling I got when I first heard Nirvana's music. Not sure why this happens but I'd rather write music than be addicted to certain pills."

"Live, love, laugh out loud"-Paul E

Some more random facts about Paul:

Attended Boston's infamous Berklee College of Music, likes girls, beers and skateboarding.