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Deborah Barnes

Mention the subject of "great Gospel family legacies" and instantly a few names evolve among a sea of others: Gaither, Winans, Clark, Hawkins and Barnes. Just the mention of the name "Barnes" brings to mind, 2005 International Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductees, Reverend F. C. Barnes and Luther Barnes. From an award winning family of Gospel giants, Deborah Barnes' solo music debut is no surprise. Known and admired in the gospel music industry for singing, the now legendary song, "I'm Still Holding On" written by Stellar Award Winner Luther Barnes, is how Deborah Barnes began her recording career. Luther Barnes, her cousin and music mentor, recognized her potential and initiated her recording career by incorporating her writing and vocal talents with the Red Budd Gospel Choir.

Currently, Deborah is a member of the world reno wned Reverend F. C. Barnes & Company, a GMA (Dove) Award nominee. Referenced as the "ballad and urban arm" of the Barnes' family because of her vocal arrangement and songwriting abilities, Deborah serves as the senior choir director of the Red Budd Holy Church music department.

Now one of Christian music's most talented arrangers, songwriters, and choir directors, Deborah's prodigious musical ear and improvisational abilities have earned Deborah widespread recognition throughout the music industry, for such songs as "What Will You Be Doing When Jesus Comes", "If My People", "Jesus and Me", "Just To See Him" and " You Are Somebody".

In addition to being the combination of a gifted vocalist, songwriter, arranger and choir director in gospel music for more than 30 years, Deborah has established a new and exciting venture, MaGerald Records, LLC, with the latest release of her solo project, The Truth . Unafraid to approach difficult, relevant issues, The Truth is a profound reminder of God's commitment to help and heal the wounded merged with a celebration of his redemptive and restorative power. This collection of heart-rending ballads combined with edgy, urban contemporary music charts the course for renewed and enhanced commitment to God through relationship. "Please Forgive Me" and "I Made A Vow" will chart the path to reach the heart of God, the desire of a true worshipper. With finesse, this project will capture the hearts of those that are ready to address real issues and prepare to move from repentance to relationship and from sorrow to the sanctuary of His heart. Since the release of The Truth , Deborah has continued to share the platform with her family members, including Rev. F. C. Barnes and Company, Luther Barnes & the Red Budd Gospel Choir and other national artists, including a tour with Doc McKenzie and the Hi Lites and the gospel play, Mama Why.
Although writing, arranging and directing (for more than a decade) are her passion, Deborah's first love is God. Throughout her career, Deborah has not swayed from her overall focus - connection to God through service. Firmly committed to her church leadership assignment, she continues to develop spiritual foundation by firmly keeping a commitment to consistent, local church attendance and service as a priority. She readily and honestly shares when questioned about solo recording, "The Red Budd Gospel Choir, Reverend F. C. Barnes & Company, The Sunset Jubilaires, The Red Budd Young Adult Choir, The Red Budd Mass Choir, all recording groups in our church, are all a part of me. When one or all of these names are mentioned, for the numerous awards, nominations for awards and recognition, I am so very proud, because I am a part of them! I want to record with my family, sisters and brothers, that I love dearly, who are so very, very, talented, but not at the expense of my soul."
Without compromise and an increase in commitment, Deborah completes this recording by God's grace and with His favor.

“Proclaiming his glory to the nations, his mighty deeds to all peoples.” Psalm 96:3 (GNT)