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Delphi was born in Jersey City,NJ in a predominantly single parent home. He spent most of his childhood witnessing violence, greed and terrible drug habits by his closest family members until his teenage years. Surrounded by the worldly chaos growing up Delphi wondered often and asked himself "isn't there more to life than this". He was raised Non-Donomination and went to a catholic school. Music had been an outlet for him, he was surrounded by old school music, poetry and dj's this became his source of happiness. He often wrote starting with poems and stories he soon would graduate to writing music. Soon he began to run after God as a young teen this brief encounter and introduction with God was great and he most certainly loved it.

His mom turned her life around as well however, One problem remained he still ran the streets with the same crowd. After countless times of breaking his mothers heart she realized that the issue was the environment. Toxic & destructive she felt she had to send him to live with his aunt & older cousins in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia.

As time went on he held on to that one thing and that was the love for writing as his mom started dwelling in spoken word. They felt like that was the best way to connect with their emotions and express what had become suppressed from the hardcore city. The city that branded them from embracing being disconnected from society in an emotional way. Delphi eventually succumbed to music and girls leaving out one important thing; school.

After failing his Senior year a trip to summer school let him know quickly that life was coming full steam ahead and he wasn't ready. He needed guidance, so he turned to the one thing that he felt could give it to him. The military he had received orders after enlisting in the U.S. Navy. Touring all over the Europe and the middle east

Delphi became more inspired to write. Towards the end of his first tour he returned to Jacksonville and hooked up with a friend from boot camp(Arkane) to start a rap group using his secular rap name as NEX meaning (next to Blow) all this and getting married made him want to break into the Rap game quickly. He wanted to chase the money. Only to find out that the the 3 m's military, music,& marriage proved to be to much not knowing how to juggle all three and which one was the most important. He started to neglect the most important, his Wife (Kyla D. Pruitt) as he reverted back to the statement he had always quoted "there has to be more" he thought about the couple of times he went to church and realized the more was God. After attending the church of Jacksonville the first day he knew that, that was it. God was his Father & Jesus was his personal Lord & savior.

This now conflicted with rapping secular and he vastly realized that he couldn't rap about the things he rapped about before. So he dropped out of the group and perused writing for God. He quickly became discouraged as he judged his writing ability and the fact that he didn't yet know enough about the Father. He closed his writing book and just worked on being a great Christian, Husband & Farther.

At the end of 2010 while in ministry school he believed he was lead by the Spirit to start writing again and the first song was "Amored up" were he metaphorically tie his military training with his everyday spiritual process. This song was a debut of his spiritual growth and his yieldingness to God's word. Delphi's music comes from
a place of what he calls "Everyday Christ music" by not only dealing with his fellowship with God & the church but also his daily life of his friends, family, children & wife.

He is transparent with his life in hopes that he can connect with his audience on another level to show them the Love of God. And that people can chase after God no matter their background.