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Delphi Rising

Made up of four veterans of the Austin, Texas music scene:

WALTER EHRESMAN ( is a long-time Austin musician who has been plowing his own musical furrow for 30 years. Always experimenting with new approaches to songs and sound collages, he has released 12 solo albums to date, three with the band Snipe Hunt, and an EP with Los Platos featuring Texacala Jones. (See His songs have also appeared on several national compilations. Starting out as a lead guitarist, Ehresman self-taught his way to bass, keyboards, percussion, theremin and a myriad of uncommon stringed instruments (oud, saz, bouzouki, rawap, setar, mandola, mandolin, mandocello, 6-string banjo, MIDI guitar). Ehresman acts as engineer and producer for all his own releases, and has done the same for 3 albums by Austin iconoclast Steve Jones. Walter performs in a variety of settings around Central Texas: as a solo performer doing his singer/songwriter material but also doing experimental ambient pieces on exotic world music instruments; as a duo with Brit expatriot Nigel Jacobs (on persussion, bass, and electric violin); and with Delphi Rising. Deeply dedicated to the art of songwriting, Ehresman's lyrics range from socio-political screeds to intimate looks at the failings and flailings of interpersonal relationships, from the micro to the macro.

JAMES RADER has been a drummer since his high school days in San Antonio, playing and singing all over South Texas. He later studied music and performance arts at North Texas University, gigging in local venues during his tenure there. Rader has played with bands such as Blue Myst, Mechanical Switch, Shake the Bushes, Rain on Mars and others in the Austin area.

VIC RAMIREZ was introduced to music by his family, including his mom, sisters, cousins and uncles at the weekly family gatherings ("probably the best jam sessions I'll ever see," he says). The 70's were musically intriguing and began his life-time interest in music. Influences from those days included Todd Rundgren, George Harrison, The Eagles, America, and Bruce Springsteen. His musical tastes were expanded in the 80's when he moved to Austin, Texas. According to Ramirez, "Punk..New Wave...Rock...and, dare I say, even Austin-style 'country' music had a different feel and enlightenment......Gotta say...Todd/Utopia shows, the Tubes, the True Believers, Willie, and...Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul...set the performance bar at the time." The 90's brought the further influences of "the Minneapolis/St. Paul" sound of, Paul Westerberg, the Replacements, Husker Du, and Soul Asylum. "By the way, toss in Todd, Springsteen and Little Steven and that would be my dream concert line-up," he laughs. "Contrary to recent rumor, I did not get my musical start by 'serenading roadkill on its conveyor belt journey to the boiling vats at a rendering plant outside of Bastrop' least no one can prove it....... I've played in a couple of bands here and there, including Snipe Hunt, with Walt Ehresman, and in a project band that included James Rader and Lee Vickers. " Wishing to take an edgier turn than the previous musical outings, Ramirez says "I'm lucky enough to play with these great musical talents and finally play some high-energy rock & roll and push the pedal a little in Delphi Rising."

LEE VICKERS [played on "For Granted" but is no longer a member of the band, as of March 2010].