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Dennis Gulegin

So here is a little bit about me. My mom introduced me to music as a child and immediately I was hooked. Piano

lessons were really interesting. When I learned chord theory I started to make my own music. I would also change

the rhythm to songs I already knew and would begin to improvise more and more. My mom then bought me a Yamaha PSR

and I literaly spent hours on that thing. My parents were always a big support even though they thought my

energies would be better spent elsewhere such as being a doctor, at least that's where the big bucks were. That

didn't stop me though, I would practice every day until my technique outgrew my theory. While in high school I

played in a band for First Baptist Church. That was a lot of fun, except I didn't do to much improv. It was

strictly by the book. I also started a band with my high school buddies and we called it The Plumbers. LOL I also

did two DJ gigs, but that seemed to be more trouble than it was worth because I had to take the samples out of the

songs and then load them into my keyboard and then mix it up. It sounds easy enough, but it wasn't, besides I

kind like writing my own thing. In college, I pursued a biology degree hoping to get into medical school. I

didn't get in, however. After that, I began playing music more consistently because, quite frankly, it was all I

had at the time. I joined another band after that. We had a lot of fun, but it didn't amount to anything serious

plus I was struggling financially. Never really thought about making money with music, just always loved to play

and write songs, but now it's turned to more than just a hobby. I tried the whole Napster thing, put my songs on

it, but nobody downloaded it. LOL Anyways, I kind of always written songs and will continue to do so. I hope it

gives you as much enjoyment to listen to it as it gives me to write it. Well, that's me in a nutshell. Hope that