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Dennis Yanke

The “spoken word” audio recording “Learning to Love on Purpose” is a follow-up to Dennis Yanke’s successful and extremely well received book “Love your wife – Get better sex” in which Dennis shared his own successful personal strategies, along with remarkable insights, for men (and women) to help them ignite the passion in their marriage.

Dennis offers a “real life perspective” on how women and men not only think, but feel, so that they are able to communicate more effectively. The very key point to developing the emotional closeness that leads to more frequent and more meaningful intimacy between couples. In his book, “Love your wife – Get better sex” Dennis is able to bring awareness to the rewards of a healthy, happy marriage and notes they are plenty, including more satisfying and stimulating sex. Combining personal life experiences with gentle humour, he is able to offer “real” perspective on the very issues facing couples today.

“Both men and women owe Dennis Yanke a debt of gratitude for his funny, fearless, highly personal exploration into the day-to-day workings of a happy, solid marriage. In “Love your wife – Get better sex”, he explains why emotional connection between husbands and wives is crucial to sustaining romance and sex in a marriage. His unique insights and practical strategies will help keep a lot of home fire – and passions – burning!”
- Dr. Lorie Saxby

“In a vivid, clear and direct style, Dennis demonstrates in a variety of ways that loving begins long before the bedroom. Rich with ideas – this book is a tribute to a marriage gone right. It offers a step by step guide and a compendium of possibilities to stimulate the imagination.”
- Rev. Dr. Das Sydney

Dennis Yanke is a trusted veteran financial advisor in the Waterloo Region for 30 years to many individuals, couples and family-run businesses. His personal “values-based” approach in dealing with people and his own marriage have provided him the insight and platform required to release his first “self published” book “Love your wife – Get better sex.” Men and women alike often seek Dennis’ advice on how to create more excitement in their marriage and his desire is to make a positive difference in each person’s life, with every opportunity he is presented with!

There is no doubt, that Dennis Yanke’s personal approach and his first new audio recording “Learning to Love on Purpose” will assist in facilitating unique and exciting change in all of our personal relationships!