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Destiny Lab

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Destiny Lab is dedicated to creating Truth Music that is backed up by years of diligent research. Destiny Lab's music asks the listener life examining questions that demand answers, and exposes ordinary people to extraordinary ideas and information they might not hear any where else. Each song explores and investigates many important subjcets about the mysteries of man and nature. The goal of Destiny Lab's music is to be a link in the chain toward finding truth and solutions, and exposing lies and deceptions.

Arkalogik and Genetix have been making music together for over 2O years. In 2004, they were convicted through their own personal studies and research to create Destiny Lab. Destiny Lab is guided and driven by their faith in Jesus Christ, who has been preparing them throughout their lives, to make this unique music.

Arkalogik's lyrics explore a variety of controversial subjects, and then confidently present conclusions in a way that make a listener want to learn more! He raps about issues such as; creation vs evolution, the new age occult deception, transhumanism and eugenics, aliens and ufos, the fallen angels and the nephilim, spiritual warfare and demonology, the original sin, secret societies and the occult, the illuminati and the new world order, the hollywood/media and antichrist agenda and more. They integrate years of hardcore research into each and every track providing thought provoking ideas over the hard grimey beats of Genetix. Destiny Lab's music provides real solid answers and solutions for people seeking the truth in these confusing times.

Arkalogik has also created a podcast with his brother Neo called, Digging for the Truth with Ark and Neo that explores the subjects discussed within his music even more.

Destiny Lab's new Podcast:

Unseen Zones
Evolve or Die
Ezekiel's Wheel
Know the Signs



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