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My name is Devan Howard my stage name is devan born feb,22,1991.I grew up in Florida the type of place were you see out of state tags and people riding in the fast lane with there left blinker on when theres no turn for miles,you'll never get used to that.I mosty hung out with family.When I got older there was this burnt cd that my brother mixed many songs on.This cd had rock music, rap, and r&b but at the time I had no clue what r&b was.I remember like it was yesterday track number 12 was joe thomas,i wanna know.That song changed my life I was blown away by his voice.One day I was playing joes song and the cd skipped, and I heard my voice that's when I was like ok not to bad Devan.After that day I really tried to match what i heard, thats how i learned my melody and pitch.As i grew up listening to r&b singers it never whent through my mind to write my own song until i listened to a rap that my brother derrick wrote. the thing that i liked the most was he used real things i new about in his song that happened to us that drew me in.i sat down thought of ideas and wrote my first never had a title just words that went on with no end.i went back to my favorite songs and listened to the process of how it was written,what parts i heard twice and melodys as well. one day i was watching the news, there was this man on there talking about a studio and it had live video of him in the studio doing work.i found out it was local i called right away. the feeling of the studio and the respect, love i felt when i was in there i never wanted to do anything else.i went to work writing my songs.i couldnt have found a better studio to grow up in, the team there is amazing.i give much love and respect to unity gain recording..As a fan of real r&b i know what i like and songs are r&b.The sound of devan is real.i strive to be respected as an artist and it shows through my music.