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Devil Blare

Devil Blare is an independent recording artist based in Kansas City, Missouri. He is a singer-songwriter who writes and performs all his own music, but sometimes enlists the help of other musicians on his recordings. His music is often heavily layered and he plays over 20 different instruments.

Devil Blare is primarily influenced by the music of the 1960s and has often been labeled 'psychedelic', but his music could just as easily be categorized as 'British Invasion', 'British-Blues' or even 'folk-pop' and 'mod-rock'. While, Devil Blare's music spans a wide variety of influences, the true spirit behind it all is rooted in the D.I.Y. ethos embodied by many independent musicians that he admires and emulates.

Devil Blare's debut album "The Journeyman" was released in early 2008 and garnered rave reviews. The Pitch Weekly referred to 'The Journeyman', as, "a strange, homespun little pop curio. Determinedly lo-fi and psychedelic, it sounds like something Ringo Starr and Syd Barrett might have produced over a weekend with LSD, shrooms, sherry and a coffee-table book of the English working class."

The record was well received overall, but criticized at times for its lo-fo aesthetic, which came off as very charming to some but annoying to others. Nonetheless, in 2008 The Pitch Weekly named the title track off Devil Blare's debut album "The Journeyman" the best local song of that year.

Devil Blare's second album "Here Comes The Winter" was released in late 2008 and was described by The Pitch Weekly as, "like a comedown off a mellow high,...ballads are more lightly crafted and melodic, standing somewhere between the Kinks' "Waterloo Sunset" and recent Wilco. Also, the record seemed better received by those that claimed the first one was too lo-fi. A personal record, "Here Comes The Winter" was a homage to the artist's late grandmother and the music was lighter and a bit more delicate than its predecessor.

After taking some time off and a long hiatus from writing, Devil Blare will release three albums in 2014 and 2015 that he composed and completed in the last couple of years. "Life In A Provincial Town" was released August 1st of 2014 and is a nice companion piece to both "The Journeyman" and "Here Comes The Winter". Devil Blare's third album offers the listener much of the same psych-rock as the debut, but balances this with acoustic numbers and light-hearted story-telling about people and communities and the estrangement we sometimes feel as individuals within a the larger society.

Soon to be released, the albums "Heavy Thinking" and "This Is A Wasteland", will prove that the artist continues to progress the boundaries of his own brand of psychedelic/folk/pop, by adding new influences such as Celtic, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk & Reggae.