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Devils Creek

High octane no frills bluesicianship - a solid testament to the enduring power and influence of Blues Rock - especially the variety in which a wailing Fender Strat comes front and centre.

"Inspired by the classic guitar driven blues rock of the late 60's and 70's, UK power trio Devils Creek seem intent on keeping alive the time honored tradition first forged by greats such as Rory Gallagher, Alvin Lee and Ten Years After and Status Quo years ago.
Formed in 2006, led by guitarist/vocalist Guy Rosewall, featuring a crack rhythm section in bassist Tim Chapple and drummer Alan Ibbotson, their 2008 debut album 'Bullfrog Blues' combined a classic approach with an attack favored by heavy rock, particularly evident in the ultra heavy bass sound not normally heard in the genre.
Featuring a hard driving electric version of Rory Gallagher's "Seven Days" which would surely make the late great Irish guitarist proud, the entire offering is a solid testament to the enduring power and influence of blues inflected rock - especially the variety in which a wailing Fender Strat comes front and center.
Now in the middle of sessions for their second studio album, several tracks being already available for preview on the band's MySpace page it's quite clear based on the fresh evidence on display that these three aren't likely to stray from their vision any time in the foreseeable future" - (Nightwatcher's House of Rock November 2009)

"Just downloaded the CD from CD Baby. This is not fair....I'll be listening to this all weekend! I enjoy each song more than the previous. The G-Man would be proud. You took a seminal influence and infused it with your energy. I'll be turning many of my friends on to your page...." - (School Days)

"If you are as big a fan as I am of electric blues guitar this is one not to miss. Guy Rosewall and the band are steeped in high octane no frills bluesicianship. I just downloaded this today and have listened through several times. Very refreshing to my ears. Reminiscent (without repeating) of Rory Gallagher's finest work from the late 70s Devil's Creek infuse their influences with enthusiasm and taste (pun intended) while remaining exciting and interesting. I am really enjoying this! Nice job guys" - (George T CD-Baby)

"Here's something a bit different. These guys are heavily influenced by Rory Gallagher, Status Quo and early 70's British bluesy hard rock. They've got a great groove in the rhythm section, a fine guitarist in Guy Rosewall, and their album 'Bullfrog Blues' is recommended! The album includes a rockin' take on Rory's "Seven Days". Plus, they list Joe as one of their influences. Definitely not another SRV clone" (Keith -

"You guys have a great sound. Very full and hard drivin'. Your bass player gets things goin' and keeps the fire lit throughout, on all songs. I really like your guitar playing and vocals. Excellent solos. Drumming is very complimentary to the style being played. I like the guitar and bass echoing each other on Family Song. I hear a blend of music spanning several decades. I hear the rhythm section on Seven Days as back in the 70s with such bands as Grand Funk etc. I also hear guitar from hard rockin' "hair bands" of the `80s and 90s. I think you've done a great job of blending different flavors of music together to make a very enjoyable listening experience. It gets one movin' as well. I also like your take on JT's Fire And Rain.

I will turn my 17 year old son onto you guys. He`s getting pretty good on his Fender bass, and I like to share other hard thumpin` bass players with him for inspiration.

Best of luck to you on your CD release and gigs ahead.......R.K." (Rick Kendrick -

“She was a good looking woman but she was a bitch” - “Poor Boy” by Guy Rosewall for Devils Creek.

How can you not love lyrics like this! If you’ve been reading this blog, you’d know I hate modern rock groups. Well here’s an exception: Devils Creek, the Best New Rock Group I’ve heard. They sound like the second coming of Rory Gallagher but more commercial the way Cream was commercial playing “Sunshine of Your Love”. If you love 70’s British blues hard rock, then you will absolutely fall in love with Devils Creek. Its hard to believe their debut album “Bullfrog Blues” wasn’t an unreleased album recorded in 1971 by a British power trio. “Bullfrog Blues” features great driving originals by lead guitarist and vocalist Guy Rosewall as well as excellent covers of originals by Rory Gallagher and Ten Years After Alvin Lee. The other members of Devils Creek consist of Tim Chapple on Bass Guitar and Terry Brown on drums. The album was produced by Phil Innes who did a great job as it has an excellent balls to the walls take no prisoners sound for a studio album.

If you love 70s British Blues Rock Devils Creek “Bullfrog Blues” is a wet dream. Guy Rosewall is like a 21 century Rory Gallagher and a great vocalist and songwriter. My favorite tracks include Seven Days by Rory Gallagher and Guy Rosewell’s original “Poor Boy” whose riffs are as great as the above lyrics.

I’m still not convinced Devils Creek wasn’t kidnapped by aliens in 1971 and just returned to Earth now. Bruce Springsteen isn’t the future of Rock and Roll, Devils Creek is". (Phil Hershon - blog review)

"Wikkid version of Seven Days - I love it!" (Barry Barnes - Sinnerboy)

"You're absolutely fookin stunning!" (The B-Man)

"It's good to hear the great old roots that you fellas' apply in your rock & rock & roll. Please don't ever stop!!"
(John Garner - Sir Lord Baltimore)

"A great tribute to Rory Gallagher" (

"Sounds Good!" (Dumpys Rusty Nuts)

"Devils Creek really blew me away, and I can't for the life of me believe that it sounds so good. Every 2 minute snippet (cd baby) from this release had me wanting more!" (Kim

"The band is driven beautifully by Terry Brown on drums and Tim Chapple on bass, the latter laying down a stomping beat on every number.......... on the showing of this album I would strongly recommend them" (Ian McKenzie - Blues In The South).

"One of the best Rock/Blues outfits in the whole of the UK - Keep on Rocking the Blues! - great talent" (The Rory Page)

"Devils Creek are a Cornish band which might, under some circumstances be called a Rory Gallagher tribute band. However, if that was so, we would not be reviewing this CD in BITS. Although there are, a couple of tracks which come directly from the Rory Gallagher songbook (strangely ex- cluding Bullfrog Blues: but see below) a significant number of the cuts are originals, many written by the band’s guitarist Guy Rosewall. Covers include, ‘Messing With The Kid’, written by Mel London, and made famous by Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, and Dave Hole’s, ‘Demolition Man’.

One of the surprises in the album is the inclusion of James Taylor’s ‘Fire And Rain’, one not usually heard in this rock blues format but none the worse for all that. The band is driven beautifully by Terry Brown on drums and Tim Chapple on bass, the latter laying down a stomping beat on every number! I am told by the boys in the band that although they have a following in Cornwall, they are looking for new pastures. Well, on the showing of this album, I would strongly recommend them. Finally, what about the missing ‘Bullfrog Blues?’ Well, Tim Chapple told me that in typical rock’n’roll style the band selected the artwork, chose the title for the CD and so on and then went into the studio to record. The only track that turned out duff was Bullfrog! Worse things happen at sea - but not many." (Ian McKenzie - March 2008)

"It's a great disc, and you can expect a very favorable review indeed! I'm loving the Rory cover, and it's refreshing to hear bluesy rock that's not the same ol' 12 bar. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's good to see a more 70's hard rock influence" (Nightwatchers House of Rock).

"You are doing a fine job!" (Steve Arvey)

"All sounds good, I hope it does well for you" (Bob Daisley - Ozzy Osbourne, Uriah Heep, Stan Webb's Chicken Shack).

"Guy Rosewall, guitar and vocals, Tim Chapple on bass and drummer Terry Brown could be described as a power trio....
The old Ten Years After classic Hear Me Calling suits Guy's heavy rock sound the best, and its the guitar sound that has a strong influence..... Guy's own foray into songwriting shows some interesting invention, particularly on the Family Song - good old 70's rock really. The others - Dead Man Walking, Poor Boy and Shadow City are built more on solid riffs, but Guy's also put in some worthwhile lyrics and not wasted the opportunity with rock cliches.... There's some worthwhile material in there" (Al Tait - Blues Matters)

"A driving and effusive mix of rock and blues" (Scrumpy 'n' Western - The Live Music Magazine)

"Sounds like you guys really do the business" (Rod Clements, founding member of Lindisfarne)

"Lawdy mama, that's some KILLER lead-guitar work!! Impressive precision, growls, and wahs. Yeah, ok, there's nothing "new" here, but geez-Louise, nobody [reviewer-wise] ought to be expecting "new" here! Not to say that THIS reviewer (uhh, YEAH, that would be moi) doesn't enjoy more "contemporary" stuff, but when she's in "blues-based-rock mode," then G-dammit, she wants to hear the real-deal ROCKIN' BLUES! And this crew delivers! So I'd say this was pretty damn cookin'.
But let's face it: This band is competing in a well-worn, time-honored genre, and it's pretty tough to sound "oh-so-novel-different." The thing is: Do they "rock" and "push the right buttons"? For my money: YES." (Garageband Reviewer)

"Superb CD" (Paul Alexander Radio CRMK)

"Blues Giants" (Crow Room Review - The Cornishman)

"Checked you guys out and y'all sound GREAT! That cat is smokin on guitar" (Chris Bell 100% Blues)

"FINALLY--A ROCKIN' GROOVIN, BLUES BAND - I just can't stop listening to you--great musicianship with a drivin' beat--I feel your music in my spine, and when I feel that, I know you are a band to be reckoned with.It's time you conquered the world!" (Jay Hill -

"Blues rock at its best. Solid rhythm section, awesome guitar work and mature vocals" (Swifty - The Barley Sheaf Liskeard).

"Any regular reader of these pages will know that I’m partial to a bit of blues-rock. The last couple of years has seen Joe Bonamassa and Walter Trout rank highly in my year end favourites, whilst the likes of early Status Quo, ZZ Top, Gwyn Ashton and Rory Gallagher are regular listens guaranteed to please whatever my mood… so I’m kicking myself a bit for not picking up on this band a bit sooner!
Devils Creek are a classic three piece blues-rock outfit, very much in the mould of the aforementioned Gallagher line-ups although herald not from Ireland but from Cornwall. Issued on bass-player Tim Chapple’s own Cornish music promoting record label “Top Of The Hill” my first impression upon hearing “Bulldog Blues” (other than wondering where the title track disappeared to – but that’s answered on their myspace page!) was this album has a similar structure to Bonamassa’s “Sloe Gin”. Not in style particularly, we’ll come to that in a moment, but more in structure. Like “Sloe Gin” it’s a mix of impressive original compositions, from the pen of lead singer/lead guitarist Guy Rosewall, accompanied by a number of well selected and certainly unusual and often superbly interpreted covers.
Stylewise though it’s that Irish genius Gallagher and most specifically that stomping brand of blues-rock he displayed so brilliantly through the 70s and 80s that forms the major template for the music. In fact it’s a radical electric reworking of the acoustic “Defender” closing track “Seven Days” that opens the album. A fantastic re-imagining of the song so effective that it’ll have you checking the lyrics just to confirm its the same thing. Following this a trio originals underscore the positive first impressions, with the powerful “Dead Man’s Walking”, and the amusingly acerbic lyrics of “Poor Boy” especially impressive.
With another original, “Shadow City” interloping in a collection of covers on the latter half of the album it is instead another reworking, this time of James Taylor’s “Fire And Rain” that catches the ear before a welcome visit to Albert Lee’s excellent “Hear Me Calling” proves a delight to discover. For many years the opening song of the mighty Slade’s live set, Devils Creek take the sensible root of not trying to emulate the power of that band at their peak but instead take the song back to its bluesy roots.
Naysayer’s will knock the fact that there’s nothing radically new in terms of style on the album but that’s not the point is it? Some unfortunately even dismiss the genre as little more than glorified pub-rock but there’s plenty of us out there that delight in finding bands like this that keep this invigorating music alive. For me, it’s the best album of its type that I’ve heard since last years Walter Trout set, and it offers the belief that live they’d be a blast. A quick check of the gig listings on their myspace page shows that although prolific live performers unfortunately they seem mostly restricted to the South West of England at present. Now, with the fact that Walter Trout has actually just announced a pretty comprehensive UK tour, I can’t help thinking that he and Devils Creek would make an ideal pairing.(Rock of Ages review June 2009)

"Just downloaded the CD from CD Baby. This is not fair....I'll be listening to this all weekend! I enjoy each song more than the previous. The G-Man would be proud. You took a seminal influence and infused it with your energy. I'll be turning many of my friends on to your page...." - (School Days)

"If you are as big a fan as I am of electric blues guitar this is one not to miss. Guy Rosewall and the band are steeped in high octane no frills bluesicianship. I just downloaded this today and have listened through several times. Very refreshing to my ears. Reminiscent (without repeating) of Rory Gallagher's finest work from the late 70s Devil's Creek infuse their influences with enthusiasm and taste (pun intended) while remaining exciting and interesting. I am really enjoying this! Nice job guys" - (George T CD-Baby)

"Saw your great version of Red House on youtube. Brilliant!" - (Christopher Hjort, author "Strange Brew: Eric Clapton and the British Blues Boom 1965-1970" )

"Received the Devils Creek second CD today. I can't believe it , it is even better than the first CD, it arrived this morning, and I have played it twice through already! - I love the Hamsters, but Devils Creek stand head and shoulders above them...if you like 70's blues rock, buy this CD" - (Moonietunes)

"Devils Creeks second album following on from 'Bullfrog Blues' from 2007.I have that album which is a great introduction to what is,if there's any justice, a fine band on the brink of widespread recognition. 'Breaking The Chains' is a more polished and altogether tighter album than the first,and full of riffs anf hooks guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone who loves blues/rock. The album starts off with the track 'Rule The World' a heavy rock feel to it reminicent of Hendrix/ Black Sabbath.The second track 'Judgement Day' is a splendid Gary Moore like blues rocker and the third track 'Salvation' has a Parisienne Walkways feel to it.Track four 'Working The Chains' is a traditional blues track you can imagine Joe Bonamassa penning,whilst track five 'I Know' reminded me of an old Thin Lizzy rocker.'I'm A Man' track six has the Chicago hook I remember from the late 60's.Track seven 'Kokomo Train' is a boogie blues tune ZZ Top would be proud of.Track eight 'Hole In The Sun' is a Hendrix like heavy rocker whilst the final track 'Bullfrog Blues' is the encore track full of Chuck Berry blues/rock/boogie licks and hooks. Like I said if you like blues rock and guitar playing by Guy Rosewall reminicent of messers Gallagher/Moore/Bonamassa etc you'll love this.....I do. (Roadstar - Planet Rock Forum)

“Very remarkable work of Guy Rosewall, a guitarist with great force - besides being in possession of an enviable technique” – (Motel Bourbon, Spain)

"Devil's Creek are a power blues trio from Cornwall, England who could best be compared with Rory Gallagher meets Joe Bonamassa. Solid blues with a take-no-prisoners attitude. If you like old seventies British blues rock then this cd is a must" - (Barnowl Blues, Holland).

Interview with the Spanish Website - Motel Bourbon December 2010 -

Who are Devils creek?

Devils Creek are Guy Rosewall (lead guitar and vocals), Tim Chapple (Bass) and Alan Ibbotson (Drums / vocals).

"Why do you decide to play blues/classic hard rock

That’s an easy one! – the three of us just play and this comes out… too many musicians try to copy or adopt a style that they think will make them more successful or popular.

This music is inside us, its just instinctive – no pretence.

We’ve all listened to the blues and hard rock since we were young, grew up on it, drank to it, fucked to it, and fell asleep thinking about it.

-How was the recording of devils creek album

The latest album (Working the Chains) was recorded over four or five sessions late 2009 / early 2010.

As before the basic bass/drums/rhythm guitar went down live - the important thing was to capture the feel, and budget dictated we only had 3-4 takes to get it right. Bullfrog Blues is one take live in the studio.

As always Producer Phil Innes did a top job - we gave him a hard time and his patience is legendary.

1. Rule The World -
A full tilt performance - "like a motherfucker from Hell" says Phil. There’s Blues, Rock, Metal and a bit of Punk thrown in there too. The shortest track at 3:27, and probably the most bruising. Al supplied the retro harmonies on the chorus.

2. Judgement Day -
A remixed version of a song that was recoded early on in the sessions - we scrapped some of the harmonies on the chorus as it was losing its bluesy roots, and mixed the guitar back in with the bass and drums a little. A 70's Rock epic style with Bad Company / AC/DC roots. Dark middle eight and Angus Young inspired solo.

3. Salvation -
A slow one with added Hammond! - some nice guitar licks too! - almost prog rock at the opening section (reminds me of Andy Latimer and Camel), before building around a very moody bluesy set of chord changes into some very epic choruses. Phil added the keyboard parts - and we got a bit carried away - sounded almost like "Highway Star" for a while - But Phil very diplomatically as ever got us back on track. We argued for weeks about this song prior to the recording - as to whether or not it made the grade - I'm glad we kept it!

4. Chains -
"Chains" takes us back to our blues roots, with Guy sounding rather like John Lee Hooker in the opening section, before the song hurtles into a very Led Zeppelin style meltdown, complete with some suitably wailing guitar.

5. I Know -
"I Know" - Very fast with a great hook - very unlike anything we've done before, a sort of punk/blues take on things - great vocal and lyrics. The opening section is from a German radio broadcast being picked up from Guy's heavily overdriven Peavey 5150 valve amp - can anyone translate? :). Great hook to the chorus - always works well live.

6. I'm a man -
One of the only two cover versions on the album, and another live favourite, re-arranged and given the Devils Creek treatment. Great solo from Guy at the end.

7. Kokomo Train -
ZZ Top style boogie - proof that the simple approach is often the best - its what you leave out rather than leave in. I defy anyone to listen to this without it raising a large happy smile!

8.Hole in the Sun -
Very Dark imagery from Guy - lovely bluesy lick to open the song 7:27 makes it the longest track - we jammed the end solo out in the studio with a view to fading it or chopping it mid section, but we hit a great groove on the bass and drums, and the guitar just kept coming! - Exciting live solo from Guy and a testament to his ability to come out with something interesting on the spot!! - top guitar!

9.Bullfrog Blues -
Recorded live first take - the old Rory Gallagher favourite and our closing number live since we began back in 2007.

-What plans do you have to play live

We never really stop gigging – I guess we play around 100 gigs a year – keeps us all match fit!

"What you remember as your best concert
We recently headlined at a Venue where many of the people we admire have played – Walter Trout / Johnny Winter / Michael Schenker etc – it was a real thrill for us to be treading the same boards as these guys – felt like we’d finally got a little success after all these years paying our dues!.

-One a little difficult, if you had been to choose a song to all your songs, which you choose?

That’s difficult! – each song brings back different memories and has a different vibe – I think I’d choose “Kokomo Train” for its simplicity and feel – it was written very quickly in the studio! – it remains a very popular number with the audience and the band too.

-What was the first record you bought

I bought three! – I’d been saving up for weeks to go on holiday, and blew the lot in a record store on the first day!
Ten Years After – Undead
James Gang – Live
Black Sabbath – Masters of Reality

"What international group impressed you so much
And british groupl?

I loved Grand Funk Railroad, Rory Gallagher and a 70’s British band The Pink Fairies.

-Do you know any spanish band
Héroes del Silencio sounded real interesting – are they still together?

"If you had to choose a disk from one british band and another from one international band, which you choose?

Rory Gallagher – Live in Europe

MC5 – Kick out the Jams

And a song by a british group from and another of an international band

Alvin Lee – The Bluest Blues

John Lee Hooker – Crawling King Snake

-What would be your mythical place to play

The Royal Albert Hall in London

"And the band that play that gig with you

Joe Bonamassa

"A drink


"A vice that can be counted


"A movie and a series

“The Story of Anvil” was great – a really uplifting move – gives hope to us all!.

“Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues” was a great insightful series – top stuff!

A book

I can’t decide between -
Diary of a Rock and Roll Star – Ian Hunter (Mott the Hoople)

On the Road – Jack Kerouac

"That melody you carry in your phone?
I must be the only person in the world without a mobile phone!

"Finally, a message to readers of Motel Bourbon

I think we’d like to send greetings to all our friends in Spain, and hope to see you very soon…. There are plans in progress for a European tour sometime in late 2011.

In the meantime you can find us online at

Keep rocking the Blues….. and remember that the worst crime is faking it !!

Blues Rock Review - 24th June 2011 -
"Th3rds is the latest release from UK based blues rock group Devils Creek. Th3rds is the follow up to 2007's Bullfrog Blues and 2010's Working the Chains. Devils Creek consists of guitarist/singer, Guy Rosewall, bassist, Tim Chapple, and drummer, Alan Ibbotson.

Th3rds gets off to a rousing start with the driving "Prove Me Wrong," and continues with "You Won't Break." Both songs rock hard with a great groove and are the type that get your feet moving. The bands sound packs quite the punch and Rosewall's gritty vocals fit perfectly.

While Th3rds only features seven songs, there is enough here to wet your appetite for hard nosed blues rock. Devils Creek are highly influenced by Rory Gallagher and get the 70's type sound down well. Th3rds is a fun album from Devils Creek and highly recommended for any blues rock fan".

Can't Miss Tracks

- Prove Me Wrong
- You Won't Break
- Borderline

The Big Hit

- Prove Me Wrong

Here are a few European reviews in full from Holland and Spain -

"Devil's Creek is een powerbluestrio uit Cornwall, Engeland, die je nog het best zou kunnen vergelijken met Rory Gallagher meets Joe Bonamassa. Stevige bluesrock met een “take-no-prisoners”-houding. Als je houdt van ouderwetse zeventiger jaren Britse bluesrock dan is deze cd een aanrader.
De band bestaat uit guitarist/ zanger Guy Rosewall, bassist Tim Chapple en Terry Brown op drums. De tweede cd van het trio “Working The Chains” en bestaat uit zeven eigen nummers en twee covers.

Met de opener “Rule The World”weet je meteen waar je aan toe bent: blues, rock en metal en hierdoor het ruigste nummer van allemaal.
In “Judgement Day” gaat het een tikje rustiger aan. Een tikje maar, er zit nog genoeg opwindend werk in.
“Salvation” is een typische stevige ballad. Een rustige gitaarlick als opener, dan een wat stevigere brug en de obligate gitaarsolo, waarin Rosewall alles uit de kast trekt.
Met “Chains” gaan we eerst een stuk terug in de bluesgeschiedenis en bevinden we ons in de Mississippi Hills, totdat na een kleine twee minuten alle registers worden opengetrokken en er onvervalste bluesrock op ons wordt losgelaten.
“I Know” begint met het geluid van een Duits radioprogramma voordat het overgaat in een uptempo rocknummer.
Dan volgt de eerste cover: Steve Winwood's “I'm A Man”. Maar dan een geheel eigen opwindende versie ervan. En je moet wachten tot aan het refrein om het nummer te herkennen. Snelle gitaarlicks en een opgezegde tekst zorgen voor deze verrassing.
De boogie “Kokomo Train” doet mij onmiddellijk denken aan ZZ Top. Met het stevige strakke boogieritme en de gitaar van Rosewall, die gewoon zijn eigen leven leven leidt, reis je makkelijk een dikke dertig jaar terug in de tijd.
Met een heerlijke blueslick opent “Hole In The Sun”, een duister, haast sinister aandoende song. Strakke begeleiding, die tijdens de fantastische minutenlange gitaarsolo het tempo langzaam verhogen, zodat spanning ontstaat, dat uiteindelijk in een schitterend hoogtepunt wordt ontladen. Een gitaristisch hoogstandje!
En als uitsmijter een live-versie van de bekende Gallagher-song “Bullfrog Blues”. Een mooie en opwindende uitvoering en een goede keus om dit als laatste nummer op het album te zetten.

Zoals ik bovenaan al schreef is dit voor fans van Gallagher, Bonamassa, The Brew e.d. een absolute aanrader. Devil's Creek speelt opwindende bluesrock. Chapple en Brown zorgen voor een stevig, jagende begeleiding, zijn hierdoor voor een groot deel verantwoordelijk voor het opwindende geluid van de band en geven Rosewall de ruimte zijn kunsten te tonen. Een prima band voor een festival" - (Barnowl Blues).

"Devils Creek son una banda originaria de Cornwall, Southwest en el Reino Unido. Formada en 2006 por el guitarrista y vocalista Guy Rosewall, el bajista Tim Chapple y el bateria Alan Ibbotson.

Este power trio, claramente inspirado por Rory Gallagher, Alvin Lee y Status Quo, practica un blues rock muy cercano por momentos al hard rock, siguiendo el camino marcado por las bandas britanicas de los 70.

En el año 2008, lanzan su primer lanzamiento, "Bullfrog blues", un disco muy energico, casi se podria hablar de hard rock en algunos momentos, sobre todo debido al sonido del bajo de Tim Chapple, con un tratamiento mas propio de los grupos de heavy rock, que del blues. Se marcan una version del tema de Rory Gallagher "Seven Days", que haria sentirse orgulloso al irlandes, por la fuerza con que la tocan. Otro de los momentos estelares del disco, es otra version, esta vez del "Hear Me Calling"de Ten Years after que suena bestial, poderosa, realmente heavy. Tambien se lucen en temas propios, como "Dead mans walking", el imprescindible "Poor boy" o "Shadow city".

Muy destacable la labor de Guy Rosewall, un guitarrista con mucha fuerza y garra, ademas de ser poseedor de una tecnica envidiable, que se compenetra a la perfeccion con Tim y Alan, que marcan el ritmo poderosamente, como hay que pedir a un power trio.

En este mes que termina, debe ver la luz su segundo album, "Working The Chains", Guy declaraba que seguiria el espiritu de Rory Gallagher, por lo que yo ya estoy esperando a escucharlo, de momento, los temas que han subido a su myspace, hacen presagiar otro gran disco.

En definitiva, si os gusta el blues rock de alto octanaje, los power trios, el sonido Gallagher/Hendrix y el hard rock setentero, deberias dar una escucha a estos Devils Creek" - (Motel Bourbon).

"No me considero un nostalgico, ni mucho menos, nunca me ha gustado vivir en o del pasado, sino mas bien en el dia a dia. Esta claro, que hay que quedarse con todo bueno vivido e ir coleccionando buenos momentos y recuerdos, rememorando los buenos tiempos pasados y saboreando los presentes. Y en lo musical me pasa igual.

Todos sabeis que adoro el classic rock, y todas las bandas que han ido creando la historia del rock, las cuales forman parte dia si y dia tambien de la musica que entra por mis oidos, pero tambien sigo con muchisimo interes las nuevas generaciones de bandas que luchan por hacerse un hueco dentro de la musica. Lo mismo cae un disco de los Allman brothers que de Dirty York, porque rememoro el pasado y saboreo el presente.

Como dije mas arriba, no me considero un nostalgico, pero hay algo que echo un poco en falta, o mas bien me gustaria volver a ver. Soy consciente de que actualmente, ningun pais se lleva la palma en cuna del rock, aunque los americanos siguen moviendo masas, no tienen ya el monopolio de decadas anteriores. Gracias a la globalizacion, bandas de cualquier punto del planeta acaparan la atencion de los avidos rockeros. Un claro ejemplo han sido bandas como Hellacopters o Backyard Babies, que se conviertieron en reyes indiscutibles de su parcela rockera viniendo desde el frio norte de Europa.

Pero lo que si me gustaria ver, como intentaba decir antes de irme por los cerros de Ubeda, es un nuevo renacer del british rock, a fin de cuentas semilla de la mayoria de musica que escucho en la actualidad. No negare que los U.S.A. han sido importantes e imprescindibles en el nacimiento del rock, y han tenido bandas que han influenciado a generacion tras generacion, pero para mi, estan un paso por debajo del british rock.

Desde las islas han pervertido al mundo los Beatles, los Stones, Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Free, Yardbirds, Deep Purple, The Kinks, The Faces & Small Faces, Alan Parson Project, Genesis, The Move, Traffic, Cream, Pink Floyd, The Who, Status Quo, Jethro Tull, Hawkwind, Mott and the Hoople, Slade, Sweet, Humble Pie, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Diamond Head, Motorhed, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Dr. Feelgood, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Dire Straits.......... y podria llenar varias entradas con nombres de bandas que han marcado la historia del rock.

Ahora podriamos hacer otra lista con bandas americanas, y se me ocurren varias que no envidian el nivel de las britanicas, como Allman brothers, Grand Funk Railroad o Lynyrd Skynyrd por solo nombrar a tres, pero hermanos y hermanas, a mi me sigue poniendo mas el british rock.

Por eso reivindico una nueva invasion de bandas britanicas, que ultimamente parecen estar de capa caida, y mira que han salido bandas increibles como Quireboys, Dogs d'amour, The Almighty o Thunder en los 80, pero fueron eclipsadas por la maquinaria de los U.S.A. En los ultimos tiempos, bandas como The Answer o Gylder parecian dispuestas a plantar cara, pero se quedaron en puestos UEFA.

En la actualidad la gran esperanza blanca son The Brew, sus discos son grandiosos, y sus conciertos cuentan con las alabanzas del publico en general. Quizas su estilo no sea el mas adecuado para las grandes masas, aunque sin The Black Crowes -sin animo de comparar- lo fueron con su rock de raices, porque no el hard blues rock de The Brew, con un poco de suerte encabezaran la andanada britanica.

Y sus compañeros de viaje podrian venir desde Cornwall, Southwest. Guy Rosewall guitarras y voces, Tim Chapple bajo y Alan Ibbotson bateria, o lo que es lo mismo Devils Creek, son una banda a tener muy en cuenta. Ya su anterior disco paso por la barra del motel,, y ahoran presentan su tercer trabajo "Working the chain", donde el power trio britanico fusiona a la perfeccion el hard rock mas clasico, con el blues rock mas guitarrero.

Guy Rosewall es un guitarrista a seguir de cerca, muy inspirado en Rory Gallagher -ahi es nada-, en este disco hace un trabajo fenomenal, con inspiradisimos solos y precisos riffs, perfectamente respaldados por el trabajo de Tim y Alan, una seccion ritmica imponente e impecable.

Nueve temas forman este "Working the chain", que comienza con un trallazo hard rockero llamado "Rule the world" que no te dejara indiferente, con un riff pesado y duro.

"Judgement day" sigue la estela del anterior, con su classic hard rock, Alan marcando los tiempos, y Guy ensamblado con Tim. Un tema ideal para escuchar junto a una cerveza bien fria.

Devils Creek bebe del blues, han mamado el white blues y eso se nota. Un precioso solo de Guy, da inicio a "Salvation", un blues rock potente, donde Rory asoma por primera vez y no ultima en este disco. Pero Guy no es solo un increible guitarrista, tambien cumple con creces la labor de vocalista, con un tono muy personal. Sigue el blues con el tema que da titulo al disco "Working the chains", que nos traslada hasta los campos de trigo y los trabajos forzados, unos ingleses que saben que el blues tiene sus raices en america y le rinden pleitesia, uno de mis temas favoritos del disco cuando entra una guitarra hard rockera con un riff potente que dota de potencia al tema.

Sigue el viaje con "I know", muy rockera que nos conduce hasta el primer cover del disco, "I'm a man" de Stevie Winwood y sus Spencer Davis Group, que encaja perfectamente en el sonido del grupo. Otro de mis favoritos es "Kokomo Train", un hard rock and roll añejo, un blues rock potente como pocos, donde la guitarra es la gran protagonista. El viaje va finalizando, con "Hole in the sun", riff muy hard y melodia super clasica. Que mejor forma hay de acabar un album de blues rock/classic hard que homenajeando a un irlandes maravilloso, a un genio como es Rory Gallagher y su "Bullfrog blues", 5'34'' de pura genialidad encerrado en uno de los temas fundamentales de la historia del rock.

Una gran banda, con un muy buen disco bajo el brazo, que sin lugar a dudas merecen que se les preste la atencion debida. Tim me comentaba el otro dia su deseo de girar en 2011 por nuestro pais, asi que si los anuncian en tu ciudad no os los perdais - (Motel Bourbon November 2010).

El pasado noviembre, os hablaba del ultimo disco de los britanicos Devils Creek, "Working the chain" un trabajo de blues rock con reminiscencias hard rockeras y toda la solera del mejor rock fabricado en las islas. Devils Creek son viejos conocidos del Motel, no en vano, sus anteriores discos, "Bullfrog blues" y "Devils Creek" tambien sonaron en nuestro escenario.

Su bajista, Tim Chapple paso por la barra del motel, y nos hablo de como se vive el rock en UK, de su banda y de muchas cosas mas. Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Chapple:
MB-Quienes sois Devils Creek?

TC-Devils Creek somos Guy Rosewall a las voces y guitarras, Alan Ibbotson a la bateria, y yo Tim Chapple al bajo.

MB-Que os llevo a tocar esa mezcla de blues rock y classic hard rock?

TC-Eso es facil. Simplemente los tres nos juntamos a tocar y sale asi. Muchos musicos intentan copiar o adaptar un estilo que piensan que les traera exito y les hara mas populares. Esta musica esta en nuestro interior, es algo instinctivo. Escuchamos blues y hard rock desde que eramos muy jovenes, crecimos, bebimos, follamos con esa musica, y nos dormimos pensando en ella.

MB-Como ha sido la grabacion de este ultimo disco

TC-El ultimo disco, "Working in chains", fue grabado en cuatro o cinco sesiones, entre finales de 2009 e inicio de 2010.

Como antes, las lineas basicas de bajo,bateria y guitarra ritmica, fueron grabadas en directo, -lo importante era capturar el sentimiento, y el presupuesto dictaba que solo teniamos 3 o 4 tomas para hacerlo bien. El tema "Bullfrog blues" por ejemplo, esta grabado integramente en directo en el estudio de una sola toma.

Como siempre, el productor Phil Innes, hizo un trabajo de primera, se lo hicimos pasar muy complicado, pero su paciencia es legendaria.

MB-Cuentame algo de los temas de este "Working the Chain"

TC-Ok, vamos alla

1.Rule the world. Una cancion a toda velocidad. "Como un hijo de puta del infierno", decia
Phil. Hay en esta cancion, blues, rock, metal, e incluso algo de punk por
ahi metido. El tema mas corto y posiblemente el mas potente. Al metio las
armonias en los coros.

2.Judgement day. Una version remezclada de un tema que salio al comienzo de las sesiones.
Se desecharon algunas de las armonias de los coros, ya que estaba perdien-
do sus raices blues, y volvimos a mezclar guitarra, bajo y bateria, dandole
un aire de rock epico de los 70, a lo Bad Company o AC/DC, y un solo inspi-
rado en Angus Young.

3.Salvation. Un tema lento, con el Hammond, y unos toques de guitarra muy bonitos, es casi
rock progresivo al inicio -me recuerda a Andy Latimer y Camel-, antes de cons-
truir alrededor un blues muy malhumorado, con cambios en los acordes y coros
muy epicos. Phil metio los teclados -y nosotros nos dejamos un poco llevar-, que
sonaban muy parecidos a "Highway Star" durante un instante, pero Phil muy
diplomatico, nos puso de nuevo en movimiento. Discutimos durante semanas, si
esta cancion se quedaba o no en el disco, y me alegro de que finalmente lo hiciese.

4.Chains. Este nos lleva de nuevo de vuelta a nuestras raices blues, con Guy sonando a John
Lee Hooker en la introduccion, antes de que la cancion se precipite hacia el sonido

5.I Know. Una cancion muy rapida, con mucho gancho, muy diferente de lo que habiamos
hecho hasta ahora, una especie de punk blues, basado en grandes voces y letras.
La seccion de apertura esta cogida de una emision de radio alemana, fuertemente
saturada por el Peavey 5150 de Guy. Unos coros con gancho que funciona muy
bien en directo.

6.I'm a man. Una de las dos versiones del album, y otra de las favoritas para el directo, pasa-
da por el filtro de Devils Creek, con un grandisimo solo de Guy al final.

7.Kokomo Train. Un boogie al estilo ZZ Top. Es la prueba de que el primer enfoque es sin
duda el mejor. Desafio a cualquiera a escuchar esta cancion y no esbozar
una gran sonrisa.

8.Hole in the sun. Muy oscuro, cosa de Guy. Un blues precioso en el inicio, para el tema mas
largo del disco (7:37), hicimos una jam en el final del solo, con vistas a que
se fuese diluyendo en la seccion media, pero conseguimos un gran groove
con el bajo y la bateria, y la guitarra seguia ahi viniendo. Un excitante
solo en directo de Guy, y una muestra de su habilidad para salir airoso im-
provisando sobre la marcha.

9.Bullfrog blues. Grabada en directo de una sola toma, un viejo tema de Rory Gallagher, y
nuestra cancion de cierre desde que comenzamos a tocar en vivo en 2007

MB-Como se presenta el tema de tocar en directo

TC-Nunca dejamos de dar conciertos, damos alrededor de 100 en el año, nos mantiene en forma.

MB-Que show guardas con especial cariño en tu memoria

TC-Recientemente hemos tocado en un lugar por el que han pasado muchas personas que admiramos mucho, Walter Trout, Johnny Winter, Michael Schenker... fue muy emocionante para nosotros, tocar en el mismo escenario que todos ellos, senti que al fin habia conseguido algo de exito despues de tanto tiempo pagando nuestras deudas.
MB-Vamos a complicar un poco la cosa, cual es tu cancion favorita de Devils Creek

TC-Eso es dificil. Cada cancion me trae recuerdos diferentes y tiene un ambiente diferente. Quizas me quedaria con "Kokomo Train" por su sencillez y feeling, que ademas fue escrita muy rapidamente en el estudio. Ademas es uno de los temas preferidos del publico y de la banda.

MB-Ahora algo mas personal. Para que disco rompiste la hucha

TC-Pues fue para tres. Habia estado ahorrando para ir de vacaciones, y me lo ventile el primer dia en una tienda de discos. Fueron en "Undead" de Ten Years After, "Live" de James Gang y "Masters of reality" de Black Sabbath.

MB-Buena eleccion Tim. Que banda britanica te ha impresionado mas. Y de fuera de las islas?

TC-Amo a Grand Funk Railroad, Rory Gallagher y una banda britanica de los 70 llamada The Pink Fairies.

MB-Vale Tim, y si te tuvieses que quedar solamente con un disco de una banda britanica y otra foranea, asi como tu cancion favorita de ambos lados.

TC-Dos discos, Rory Gallagher "Live in Europe" y MC "Kick out the jams". Dos canciones, Alvin Lee "The bluest blue" y John Lee Hooker "Crawling king snake".

MB-Cual seria tu lugar soñado para tocar, y con que banda lo compartirias

TC-Con Joe Bonamassa en el Royal Albert Hall de Londres.

MB-Ha sido un autentico placer Tim. Para terminar, deseas decir algo a los amigos de Motel Bourbon

TC-Me gustaria mandar un saludo a todos nuestros amigos en España, y esperamos veros pronto. De momento hay planes para una gira por Europa a finales de 2011.

Mientras tanto, pueden encontrarnos en linea en Recordad: Keep rocking the Blues….. and remember that the worst crime is faking it !!

MB-Gracias Tim, espero verte pronto por nuestro pais con tu musica (Motel Bourbon December 2010).

Guy Rosewall - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Terry Brown - Drums
Alan Ibbotson - Drums (ex Blue on Black)
Tim Chapple - Bass

"She was a good looking Woman, but she was a bitch
Well she left me by a roadside down in a ditch
Well I had my mind opened - and that was no lie
I was looking in the shadows, reaching for the sky

I was a Poor Boy - Long way from my Home

He had a full metal jacket - he was born to kill
He had a heavy gunfire - on Hamburger Hill
Well he was lost in the Jungle and he didn't care
With a semi automatic and a thousand yard stare

He was a Poor Boy - Long way from Home". Poor Boy(Guy Rosewall)