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Diatomaceous Earth

Greg Bartus- Greg was a founding member of City Samanas and performed across Manhattan over recent years. Currently he is studying Steve Howe's music and exploring the MOOG world. Greg values locally made instruments and amplifiers to make music with (Go local!). And when not playing guitar he is a college professor.

Andrew Bellware- Andrew is a filmmaker and theatrical sound designer who was a founding member of Manhattan Theatresource. He's played with the bands Tyrannosaurus Mouse and Prague Spring. He was appointed to the position of SG guitarist in Diatomaceous Earth in the Spring of 2013.

Lily Kinner- Lily is a designer and artist, with a varied musical background. She is currently enjoying an exploration into crazy space music with Diatomaceous Earth.

David Wolfe- Dave has enjoyed playing drums all around Manhattan with City Samanas over the last few years with Lily and Greg.