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.... Switzerland born DJ Woodos HipHop career started out as a b-boy in the early nineties. He’s been dancing with several crews in all types of circles and has also been into various competitions as Battle of the Year Switzerland and others.

At some point in the mid-nineties he got his first pair of turntables and since then also got involved in deejaying. In the beginning he was deep into spinning rap tracks, but due to his dancing background got soon into editing his first practice tapes for himself and other b-boys. First, these tapes were full of the then popular big beats, but Woodo soon after, due to inspiration and help by long time friends and Switzerlands heavy funk diggers Ilarius and Pesa and then idol and good friend Break DJ Leacy, got into original breaks. His third official tape “Enter the b-boy breaks” introduced him to the worldwide dance scene and since its release he’s been delivering the soundscore for some of the largest and most established b-boy events in the world as various national eliminations and several international finals of Battle of the Year or the Mighty 4 Anniversary in San Francisco. His sophomore effort “B-boy breaks of death” got him more recognition all over planet HipHop and stands for even more obscure and rare breaks from the world of Funk, Rock and other musical genres always delivered in his very unique b-boy-style. With “Battle tactics”, his first release on cd, DJ Woodo came up with a new concept of heavy breaks and some of his favorite b-boys and b-girls from all over the globe, Monty, Storm, Karim, Poe One, Stuntman, AB Girl and Crazy just to mention a few, explaining their own personal battle tactics.

On his latests project DJ Woodo takes it back to the essence of b-boy music, back to the pure rhythm of raw drums. Together with Switzerlands top Funk drummer JJ Flueck aka J:Loop he’s been recording a full length album entitled “Together forever we’re #1”. The cd once again includes lots of unheard b-boy breaks from various genres sounding even more heavy by adding some funky kicks, snares and hi-hats by J:Loop. A future b-boy classic…

DJ Woodo can be booked on his own or with partner J:Loop on the drums.