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In 2005, while working at the infamous "Cream Gallery" part-time, before she became DJBeekeeni, her friend (the owner Leala Hewak), suggested she DJ one night because she'd bring in these CD compilations that kept the gallery hoppin' during business hours.

"She knows how to pick 'em" - L. Hewak, Curator/Artist

Since she had her original act "Vav Jungle" and performed live still as such, DJB decided to mix an old-school style of dj'ing, mixing songs with an effects unit to do so to transition tunes and sing some of her own VJ and new DJB tunes to boot.

She plays primarily dance music in variation - sometimes a guide depending on the venue (Eg:
New-wave Night) but will mix some rarities to that as the night progresses (go-go, exotica, 60s, funk, disco, new-wave, rock, bossa, weirdo electro etc. . . The B52s to Stereo Total, France Gall to Shakespeare's Sister, Madonna to Doktor Zoil).

OH yes, she needed a name.

Thinking undergarments as stage clothes, or a bikini for the hell of it - the deal was done - the first show in a crisp white girdle.
DJBeekeeni as a name seemed apropo.

At one show, she offended the older Gay Pride attendees at "The Pyramid" with an ensemble of 5 scantily clad dancers, two of whom danced wildy with each other who are now Father and Daughter-In-Law.

DJB has progressed into other galleries and clubs in the city and started to add a go go dancing team she called "The Supersonic Asses" to dance along live for some shows as well. Fun.

Since that time, she has played at Festival Off in Quebec City during Festival D'Ete (Number one hit with "Get My Way" on University of Laval's station CHYZ-FM to add), three times at The Winnipeg Folk Festival and mixed a song for Fred Schneider of the B52s, Dan Marshall and Noah Brodie's act "The Superions" which was released in October 2011. More stuff happening with The Superions in 2012 and another private project on the burner with them . . .

She has five albums on iTunes under the name Vav Jungle with all production by DJB. Many songs used over the years in video, film, radio and television including "The Chris Isaak's Show" (tv), "The Lady Of The House" (film), CBC Radio and Television, "A Day in a Life" (film) and and more. DJB/Eve is in a number of videos and a few films as well.

Digital Release for Nov. 30th, 2012 is CRASH (physical release, Dec. 2nd, Bistro 71/4 Cocktail Party (in Winnipeg, MB, 725 S. Osborne). A holiday album explosion with a mix of foxtrot, samba, preset organ cocktail pop and avant-electronic pop for the holidays.

©2012 DJBeekeeni